Date Night Ideas 

I wish I could’ve posted this in time for Valentine’s Day, but hey better late than never right?

When you’re dating or even in a relationship it’s important to keep date night fun, refreshing and creative. Date night is the opportunity for you to get to know your partner genuinely and create experiences/memories with them. It’s the moment where you guys get an idea of what your interests are and have a plethora of conversations.

Here’s a couple date night ideas that I came up with and even did for my own date nights.

Eat & Drink 🍷🍝

Going out to the dinner is the most cliche thing to do for a date night so here’s what I suggest for spicing it up.. going somewhere like a Korean BBQ or a Japanese Hibachi Grill where the chefs make food in front of you. At the Korean BBQ, their ambience is exciting and it’s even more fun to cook your food on the grill built into the table. Both of you may even be open to trying some of the different foods they have. Go to a wine tasting or even a wine festival which are usually during the fall. 🍷🍂


Play 🎳🎲⛸

Take your boo to an arcade like Dave & Busters, go bowling, skating OR you can do something more adventurous like an Escape Room where you work together to solve a puzzle before the time runs out



Go to a batting cage, kickball game or even an indoor trampoline park. A sporting event would be fun especially if one of you has never went to one before.


Create 👨‍🎨👩‍🎨



Sip and paints are really popular, but there’s also terrarium and garden making workshops . As well as pottery classes. Creating something together is always a memorable date night. 


Learn 📚

There are pretty much classes for everything so the two of you can learn something new together at the pace you want. Try classes for dancing, cooking, glassblowing, and even to learn a new language (maybe you could use the new language you’ve learn to a trip you’re planning)


Laugh 🤣

Go to a comedy show. You can’t go wrong with a comedy show unless you sit in the front row 😆 If you’re still in that awkward phase of getting to know one another a couple laughs will lighten the mood. 


Travel ✈️

Plan a baecation or a little weekend getaway for some alone time in a different city. Spend time exploring the city, being tourists and simply enjoying each other’s company. Check out my tips for planning cost efficient trips.


Outdoors 🏞

During the Spring/Summer/Fall activities like hayrides, haunted houses, ATV rides, and helicopter rides are pretty fun, but for the winter you can always go snow tubing. Here’s a link to some aerial outdoor adventures 


Museum 🏛

Depending on what your interests are museums are pretty interesting because there’s a plethora of them when various exhibits. A museum date is an opportunity for the two of you to explore your artistic and intellectual, but most importantly it’s an opportunity to learn some new concepts. Take your loved one out to an art museum, the Museum of Sex, the International Spy Museum or any of the Smithsonian Museums, which are free. The last two museums I went to were the Museum of Death and the Historical Voodoo Museum in New Orleans.


Relax 🛁

Take a trip to the spa to wind down and relax. You all may be stressed from an overwhelming to the best thing to do is get a nice massage and wind down with your favorite person. It’s important to take care of yourself and you get spend quality time together so it’s a win-win


Music 🎵

Now this is something I wouldn’t suggest unless you’ve been dating for awhile because it’ll be too loud to make any conversation. Going to a live show or concert for one of your favorite artists is always dope especially if neither of you have seen that particular artists live OR you could do something else just as fun like Trap Karaoke which travels from city. People hop on stage and rap their favorite trap songs while everyone raps along. They even have celebrity guest appearances from time to time. Also, there’s the Silent Party  where everyone is listening to different songs with their headphones on, but no music is being play out loud. 

I hope these date night ideas that I provided proved to be helpful for you all

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