My Weekend Trip to New Orleans


Last week I went to New Orleans. I stayed at an Airbnb that was about 10 minutes from the French Quarter for the duration of my trip. I was in NOLA for 4 days and my Airbnb (click the link for the rental info) only cost me $300. It was a 2 bedroom apartment that had up to date amenities such as AC, marble countertops and etc. So with the Airbnb being located about 10 mins from the French Quarter my ubers cost me about $8.

I’m not from New Orleans and didn’t know anyone from there so I didn’t exactly know the area that it was located in. The neighborhood was ehh, but the interior was superb. Everything was pretty much up to date and there was AC so I was satisfied. (Thank God)

The weather in New Orleans is typically very hot and humid. The weather was nice and clear for most of my trip, but on the last day of my trip it rained nonstop.


The French Quarter is basically the bustling downtown area of New Orleans. It’s oversaturated with tourists and overpriced, but unique souvenirs & etc. During the day you’ll see tons of people eating, talking and walking around seemingly aimlessly (lol). There are painters and all types of sidewalk acts. Some of the people are pretty friendly and may spark up some small talk. During the night you’ll see people out for drinks, you’ll hear music, see psychics and some unexplainable things.


Some of the popular food spots to go to are Cafe Du Monde, French Marketplace, Tropical Isle, and Fire Food & Spirits.

Cafe Du Monde is the place to go for beignets. Beignets are their specialty so they pretty much only serve that and drinks. The French donuts are sold in orders of 3 for $3 and some change. The line is always long and their open 24 hours. They also have carryout if you want to get them to go. They have a location at Riverwalk Outlet and another on Decatur st.


Fire Food & Spirits is a cool spot that’s a restaurant and bar. The service wasn’t that great, but the food was good. I went there and got a seafood platter that had catfish, crawfish, and shrimp with pasta. The platter cost me $15. It’s located about 15 mins from the French Quarter in a shopping center on Bullard Ave.

The French Marketplace is where you can go to get lunch, dinner and do a little flea market type shopping in the French Quarter. I stopped there for lunch and got a catfish Po’boy. The catfish sandwich and chips cost me about $10. The sandwich wasn’t horrible, but I wasn’t impressed.


There are two Tropical Isle bars located on Bourbon Street that sell the popular hand grenade drinks. I went to another bar called Willies Chicken Shack that has these really tall margarita drinks for $12.


Down by Canal St there is Riverwalk Outlet that’s basically a mall so if you ever need a last minute outfit or something stop there. Behind the outlet there is a ferry that costs $2 one way and will take you to Algiers Point which is considered to be the Brooklyn of Nola. The trolley is also cheap and costs $1.25. There aren’t really any buses in the French Quarter so expect to either uber or use the trolley to get around the city.




Canal Street gives you like an LA/Miami feel with the palm trees and streets minus the beaches (lol). NOLA is definitely one of a kind..

Bourbon Street is not for the weak hearted. It’s definitely an acquired taste. There’s tons of people. Very drunk people. Ladies don’t wear heels. Always pay attention to what’s going on as well. I had numerous strangers walk up to me and get really close to me (my purse). However, there’s never a dull moment and it’s still cool to enjoy a night out there. I was able to see a wedding second line parade which was really dope. I shared a few pictures of other things I saw below.



While I was there I went to two museums. I went to the New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum, which was quaint and small, but very intriguing and creepy. There was a lot of Creole history in the museum. People placed pictures and money offerings on the relics. There was a “wish stump” where people wrote their wishes down followed the instructions and placed the paper on the stump with a money offering. Definitely a must see if you’re ever in New Orleans.

The second museum I went to was the Museum of Death. I wasn’t allowed to take any pictures, but the museum basically had pictures of crime scenes such as the Nicole Simpson crime scene, notes/letters from criminals and victims and there was stuff there related to embalming/morticians tools/supplies. If you’re squeamish or faint don’t go. It’s not that much gore, but I’m sure it can be too much for some.

New Orleans is a Southern city so despite it being a seemingly colorful and exciting melting pot of people there are still racial tensions and looks of disdain. It’s best to do most of the activities and sightseeing in a groups. If you go somewhere and don’t feel comfortable just leave. Safety first ☝🏾

Always make sure your phone is charged. The French Quarter is winding and confusing at first, but you still want to make sure you know where you are at all times.

Overall my trip was really fun. I had fun meeting new people, trying new dishes and exploring the city. I’ll definitely be going back in the near future.


Hiking to the Hollywood sign 101🌄

By S. Easley

So last week I took a trip to California for vacation. One thing that I wanted to accomplish was making it to the Hollywood sign.

Boy oh boy did I underestimate that hike. So from my own experience I decided to share some pointers and photos with you guys.

Here’s some major keys🔑 that’ll help you reach the top safely 

  • The key is go early to beat the heat and the sun otherwise it’ll be unbearable AND dangerous!🆘
  • Stay hydrated. Bring multiple bottles of water. Freeze them the night before. 💧
  • Stretch. Stretch. Stretch. 🏋🏽Especially if your body isn’t used to walking long distances
  • Pay attention to the signs because you’ll easily end up taking a wrong turn because there’s so many other trails↗️⬇️↙️↘️↖️
  • Take breaks. Stop at a rock or in some shade and stretch🌳
  • Always go with another person or in a group the more the better 👫👯👬👭

I also wanted to add that you can’t get as close to the sign as you think lol. Hope my tips help💕

Below are pics📸 taken during my hike 👇🏾

NYC for the weekend 

By: S. Easley

So this weekend me and my BFF decided to take a trip to NY just to do it. We had both been to NY but never really got a chance to explore and experience it really. While we were there we visited the 9/11 memorial, times square, a park, NYU, got some delicious pizza in Greenwich, went to the Tonic Bar in Manhattan for wings & music and then went to Milk River for drinks which is a restaurant and lounge in Brooklyn.

Here’s some pictures

 Pizza Mercato located in Soho

 9/11 memorial

Washington Square Park

Chinese New Year performance in Times Square

Milk River a popular lounge/Bar/Restaurant in Brooklyn

Sweet & Spicy wings from Tonic Bar in Manhattan

Made in America Festival 

My Labor Day weekend was spent in Philly at the Made in America festival. I must say it was an amazing experience if you think you love a song just from listening on the radio or whatever you’ll love it even more when you hear it live. It’s almost like hearing all your favorite songs for the first time that kind of feeling.

The first day of the festival which was Saturday (sept. 5) there tons of people. The performances I enjoyed the most that day was Beyonce. I was always kinda a fan but now I’m a 100% in love with her she’s an amazing performer.

The 2nd & last day of the festival was Sunday. There lots of performances. Lolawolf, Post Malone, Future, Big Sean, J. Cole & The Weeknd. The performances were all really good.

I really loved the concept of this concert and the setup. It’s really a good experience you hear new songs, old songs, meet new people, & enjoy the city. I have a few pics & videos I’ll add below


Puerto Rico

Earlier this month I took a trip with one of my friends to Puerto Rico. I was determined to take this trip before it was time to head to classes for the Fall semester. It’s a beautiful place with beautiful weather. Most of our days were spent watching the sunrise and sunset. We spent our days at the beach and our nights enjoying the nightlife and the people. I’ll definitely go back 😊