Review: She’s Gotta Have It


She’s Gotta Have It is a comedy-drama TV series created by Spike Lee, which is based on his 1986 film of the same name.

Director Spike Lee burst onto the American film scene in 1986 with She’s Gotta Have It. The film launched Lee’s career and was notable for it’s revolutionary portrayal of female sexuality. After juggling three men, and experimenting with monogamy, the film’s central character Nola Darling, a young black woman juggling three men and giving monogamy a try soon learns that she doesn’t need a man to make herself happy.

The She’s Gotta Have It series portrays the female sexuality as more empowered than before. Nola Darling (played by DeWanda Wise) identifies as a sex positive, polyamorous, pansexual woman who is not a freak, not a sex addict, and not anyone’s property. Outside of her love life, Nola Darling is an artist who is trying to find her voice through her art.

The first season focuses on Darling and the three men she is dating who are updated characters based on the original film. There is Mars Blackmon (Anthony Ramos) who is a goofy, care-free stoner type who works at a bike shop. Then, there is Greer Childs (Cleo Anthony), the vain, muscular male model/photographer who is brings a lot of spontaneity in the bedroom; and there’s Jamie Overstreet (Lyriq Bent), the successful businessman who has a thing for poetry. There is another lover in Nola’s life, but it’s not who you’d expect.

The series comprises of 10 episodes that follow the lives of Darla, her friends and her lovers.

Nola’s candor is the most endearing part of who she is. She’s so complex and yet so simple. At times she’s so hedonistic and selfish she does not realize her antics aren’t necessarily appreciated just because she finds no harm in them. Ms. Darling lives her life with no regard she even dates one of her friends exes and she invited all of her men over for dinner. She’s very unorthodox.

It’s interesting how Nola Darling in the film differs from Nola in the series. In the film, Nola is still no strings attached, but very emotionally invested in her lovers which was obvious when she told Jamie Overstreet that she loved him and she even expressed that she would like to have children. However, in the series Nola is more detached and overtly shows her opposition towards commitment. Throughout the series she shudders at the thought of dating, commitment and having a family.

I like that it showed the viewpoint and life of a black woman in America. It addressed all types of issues such as, assault against women, catcalling, body shaming, body image and more. The biggest theme was black feminism and female empowerment. Nola was unapologetic and confident in the way that she lived her life which was empowering. She does not live her life for anyone, but herself and she isn’t anyone’s property.

I also really liked the film and music references that were made throughout the series. Nola was always quoting movies and such especially when she would change the subject while she was talking to one of the men she was dating.

It started off kinda corny and over the top with the theatrics. At time it seemed as if Nola’s Afro Centricity was over the top and forced, but Overall the series was great and relevant to today’s society. She’s Gotta Have It embraced hip hop culture, art, poetry, sexuality, societal issues and more all in one.


Movie Review: Mudbound 

Mudbound scene

Last week, Mudbound premiered in select theaters and streamed on Netflix.

Mudbound is a period drama film directed by Dee Rees and is based on the 2008 novel of the same name. The film features stars like Jason Mitchell, Mary J. Blige, Carey Mulligan and Garrett Hedlund.

Mudbound is set in 1945 shortly after World War II in rural Mississippi, a time and place where Jim Crow laws were alive and well. The film focuses on the of lives of two families who coexist on the McAllan family’s farmland.

The Jackson’s are a family of sharecroppers who unwillingly welcome the incoming McAllan family members that moved to Mississippi to start a new life. The Jacksons are a family of sharecroppers who struggle to maintain the land they have along with other racial and societal barriers they must deal with. Florence (Mary J. Blige) and Hap (Rob Morgan) Jackson do the best with what little they have so they can raise their children and protect them from the evils of the world. Their eldest son, Ronsel (Jason Mitchell) sets off to Europe to fight in WWI. Ronsel sees a side of the world that is unlike anything at home. The way of life and the way black people are received in Europe baffled him which he expressed in his letters that he wrote to his family back in Mississippi.

Then, there is the McAllan family who have come from their Memphis home with the intent to turn the McAllan land into a farm again. Henry (Jason Clarke) drives down with his openly racist father, Pappy (Jonathan Banks), wife, Laura (Carey Mulligan), and their daughters. The land the McAllan’s own is also the same land that the Jackson family sharecrop a portion of.

Two soldiers return to the Mississippi town after fighting in the war. Jamie McAllan returns home to his family as hero who is battling PTSD. Ronsel comes back home a hero like Jamie McAllan, but with less recognition and more racism. An unlikely friendship forms between the soldiers who come from two completely different backgrounds, but share the same mental struggles that the war inflicted upon them. Their friendship isn’t well received by the racists in the town who force Jamie to make a life changing decision in effort to severe their friendship.

Mudbound was heart wrenching and captivating. It touched on the realities of the black war heroes who explored the world and saw what it had to offer besides blatant racism. Moreover, I think that the film embodied the struggles that many black people faced while living in the south. There was scene where Ronsel had just come back home with all of his honorary badges on and was shopping in a local store for his family. As he went to head out the front door, he encountered Pappy McAllan who demanded that he leave out the backdoor and called him a nigger. The sacrifices black people had to make in order to save their lives and stroke the egos of the racist whites is unmeasurable. The McAllans were generally “tolerable” of black people, but they were unnecessarily inconsiderate when it came to the requests that they made of them. Henry requested that Florence come help his sick children in the wee hours of the night and then his wife, Laura asked that she permanently stay to help with the children with no regard to her own family and household. The actors did a great job especially Mary J. Blige she blew me away. I really enjoyed this movie and can’t wait to see what else Dee Rees has in store for the film industry.

Street Drama, Top Boy is Making a Comeback

DOHX5FtWAAAtPtDMy intent was to write about the series weeks ago and I forgot, but earlier this week on Instagram Drake announced that the series is coming soon on Netflix, which was great news to me and many of the other fans of the series.

There was a lot of speculation over the years about what was going to Drake’s involvement with the series. Back in 2016, he posted on Instagram that Top Boy would rise again. In 2014, he shared that he was a fan of the series and made a references in his Instagram comments.


Top Boy is a gritty series set in the fictional Summerhouse Estate in East London. The series depicts the lives of drug dealers, Dushane and Sully along with the youth who are either recruited by them or affected by their drug dealing.


Netflix UK tweeted a thread from their account giving a timeline of how series 3 of Top Boy came to be. They also confirmed that it will stream on Netflix in 2019. Drake will be working with Netflix, the creative team along with actors, Ashley Walters and Kane Robinson to make the show come back to life.

I love that this series is coming because all of the good British series die off too early, but see a series like this make a comeback especially with it having black actors at the forefront. I think it is important to have many tv shows and movies that depict that different ways black people live their lives in different parts of the world.


The series originally aired on British broadcaster, Channel 4 for two series. In 2019, the series will air on Netflix with Drake, Adel Nur, Jamal Henderson and Maverick Carter will all be on board as the executive producers.

The Fall Follows the Life of the Belfast Strangler

The Fall is really one of my favorite Netflix Originals. I did my forensic psychology presentation on the main character because he just had much to off of.


The series is a British-Irish series set in Ireland that follows the life of bereavement counselor, Paul Spector who lives a double life. Spector is seemingly a counselor, husband and father, but he is also a murderer known as the “Belfast Strangler.” As a child, Paul Spector witnessed his mother’s suicide and as a result, he was placed in foster care where he was sexually abused for years. Despite what he went through as a child he was able to maintain some sort of normalcy in his life specifically by having a family and a job. He seems to be socially competent and loving to towards his children, not necessarily his wife whom he acts distant and disconnected towards.


Secretly, Paul Spector is sadistic and obsessive when it comes to his victims who he stalks and kills by strangulation. Most of his victims are young, white woman with white collar jobs. He stalked one of his victims while out with his daughter.


He also had a notebook and video recordings where he keeps track of all of his victims and stores it in the crawlspace that is above his daughter’s bed.


The little bit of personal life that he did have outside of his family stemmed from his motivation to kill when he stalked his victims or was being manipulative like when he had an inappropriate relationship with his children’s babysitter, Katie Benedetto. Spector took advantage of Katie’s crush on him and used her to impede the police’s investigation on him.


Spector was eventually caught, but the authorities investigation didn’t go the way they expected it to. I feel like they maybe have underestimated Spector’s intelligence, childhood trauma and his ability to manipulate.

While in custody, Spector had to assist the investigators with the search for his ex-girlfriend who he held hostage in the woods before being caught. Paul Spector was shot by a former counseling client’s ex-husband who suspected that they were having an inappropriate relationship. After being shot and coming out of a short coma, Paul Spector claimed to have amnesia and no recollection of anything that occurred in the last ten years, which meant he could not remember any of the crimes he committed which consisted of him killing and harming multiple women including his ex-girlfriend, Rose Stagg, whom he held hostage for talking to the authorities about him. Moreover, Paul Spector had even attacked Detective Superintendent Gibson during an interrogation and afterwards started a riot, killed an inmate and then himself.


This series was so captivating because it followed the life of a serial by showing how intricate their thought processes are. Every move Paul Spector made was calculated. He made himself into a sadistic man who was robotic during the day in order to keep his behavior under wraps and unknown. His character was so mysterious because even when you thought you were beginning to know or understand him you were left in the dark again.

Stephen King Brought his Creepy Novella, 1922 to Life on Netflix

I was on Netflix looking for something new to watch and came across Stephen King’s film, 1922. 1922 is kind of a horror/thriller drama that chronicles the life of Wilfred James after he murders his wife, Arlette with help from his son, Henry.


Wilfred comes off as a simple man who lives on a farm with his wife and son. Arlette has inherited the land that they currently live on from her father who recently died. She expressed to Wilfred that she would like to sell her father’s land and collect the money so that the family can move to Omaha. The family is at odds because they both have opposing views on the fate of the farm. Wilfred is dead set on keeping Arlette’s farm so he conspires to kill her and gets his son to assist him.


Wilfred’s life after murdering Arlette is basically in shambles figuratively and literally. Everyday he must endure the guilt and hauntings his dead wife. Her death seems to plague the home he once shared with his family along with the crops.


Wilfred’s life goes downhill really fast even though it initially seemed to be working out. He thought his plan to kill his wife and make it seem as if she had run off without him would be seamless in such a slow and small town. However, awhile, the farm falls apart, the house falls apart, money is low and Henry leaves him behind for a forbidden love. Arlette’s grotesque body followed by a swarm of rats haunts Wilfred by telling him things only a dead woman would know that disturbs him and leaves him miserable wishing to die.


This movie is the embodiment of creepy, bizarre and depressing.

Initially I expected this be a horror film, but it was more of a thriller to me. There were some spooky moments, but it was more of a thriller with gross scenes. Wilfred and Henry’s lives were never the same after they executed their plan to kill Arlette.

List of Must See Horror Movies

Halloween is coming up and I think it’s necessary to compile a list of horror movies to watch for when you’re laid up with bae or having a movie night with friends.

I feel like it’s so cliché to include Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street or Friday the 13th which are all cult classics, but there are plenty of slept on movies out here. Check out my list below

The Strangers (2008) – Kristen (Liv Tyler) and James (Scott Speedman) are expecting a relaxing weekend at a family vacation home in a woodsy and secluded area, but their stay turns out to be the opposite. A mysterious woman arrives the vacation knocking on the door relentlessly looking for someone they don’t know. A series of strange things happen as the couple is forced to fight for their lives as a group of masked and sadistic people taunt and torture them.

V/H/S (2012) – crooks who are hired to steal a rare VHS tape from a remote house. Once getting to the house they find cryptic footage, old TVs and a dead body.

Evil Dead (2013) – The remake of the original 1981 film is about Mia (Jane Levy), a drug addict who is determined to kick the habit. In effort to become drug free she asks her brother, David (Shiloh Fernandez), his girlfriend, Natalie (Elizabeth Blackmore) along with their friends. They all go to Mia and David’s family forest cabin. One of their friends, Eric discovers a book called the Book of the Dead that he reads aloud and awaken an ancient demon.

The Serbian Film (2010)– An old Serbian porn star (Srdjan Todorovic) who’s struggling to make ends meet for his family decides to do one last film for a large lump some of money. Unfortunately and unknowingly, he agrees to do an adult film that contains pedophilia, necrophilia and death.

28 Days Later (2003) – A group of misguided animal rights activists free a caged chimp infected with the “Rage” virus from a medical research lab. London bike courier, Jim (Cillian Murphy) wakes up from a coma a month after the activists freed the infected chimps. After leaving the very hospital, he finds the city stranded and lifeless. While running away from zombies he bumps into a group of suvivors, Selena (Naomie Harris) and cab driver, Frank (Brendan Gleeson). Jim joins them on an uncertain journey to safety.

Darkness (2004) – Paul (Stephan Enquist) and his older sister, Regina (Anna Paquin), unpack and settle into their new country home with their parents. The morale in the house slowly becomes dark and tense. Strange things start to happen in the house. Supernatural occurrences began happening more regularly. As Regina digs into the dark history of her family’s home she struggles to uncover the reasoning behind the macabre presence. As the supernatural occurrences get more intense and threatening, Regina looks into the house’s dark history and struggles to uncover the reason behind the grim presence. This one of my favorite movies that delves deep into dark magic and cults.

Dark Skies (2013) – Lacy (Keri Russell) and Daniel Barrett (Josh Hamilton) live in the suburbs with their sons, Jesse (Dakota Goyo) and Sam (Kadan Rockett). However, that peace soon shatters with a series of disturbing events that escalate. When it becomes clear that their family is being targeted by an unimaginably terrifying, deadly — and possibly alien — threat, Daniel and Lacy draw on their courage and determination to protect their family and identify what is after them. I was so paranoid after watching this movie. I kept checking behind my ears.

Drag Me To Hell (2009) – Christine has a loving boyfriend (Justin Long) and a great job at a Los Angeles bank, but her heavenly life becomes hellish when she doesn’t grant a gypsy woman’s request. In an effort to impress her boss Christine denies the woman’s request and in retaliation the woman places a curse on her. Christine attempts to get help from a psychic in order to break the curse, but the price may be too steep. This movie made me be more conscious of how I treat people.

V/H/S (2012) – crooks who are hired to steal a rare VHS tape from a remote house. Once getting to the house they find cryptic footage, old TVs and a dead body.

Human Centipede (2009) – A deranged surgeon (Dieter Laser) drugs and sutures three unsuspecting tourists together through their gastric systems for his sick and twisted experiment. If you’re squeamish don’t watch this. This movie is not for the weak hearted.

The Descent (2005)–  Sarah (Shauna Macdonald) goes to North Carolina to spend some time exploring caves with her friends after experiencing some emotional trauma. After Sarah and her friends descend underground and into the caves, they discover strange cave paintings and evidence of an earlier expedition. They soon learn they are not alone in the cave as they encounter the underground predators who inhabit the cave.

Skeleton Key (2005) – Caroline Ellis (Kate Hudson) is a nurse living in New Orleans who quits her job at a hospice to work for an elderly woman, Violet Devereaux (Gena Rowlands) whose husband, Ben (John Hurt) is in poor health after having a stroke. Caroline starts to explore the couple’s Bayou mansion and she discovers some strange things that opens the door for her to learn about the house’s mysterious past. Caroline soon learns about the sinister secret that Violet has been keeping from her.

Hostel (2005) – Best friends Josh (Derek Richardson) and Paxton (Jay Hernandez) go backpackingg across Europe after graduating from college.The pair stop in Amsterdam to indulge in sex and drugs where they Oli, a tourist from Iceland. The three hang out together and look into the rumors of an enticing Slovakian hostel full of lusty women, but find themselves drawn into a deadly game instead.

I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997) – Four friends are driving down a dark road and accidentally hit a fisherman. They realize they killed the fisherman so they dump his body. A year later of them receives a letter letting them know that they witnessed the crime. From that point on, the friends are stalked by a killer with a hook. This movie is one of my favorites from the 90s.

Wrong Turn (2003) – A Group of friends are traveling through West Virginia when they start to have car trouble. They’re stranded and soon discover that they’re being stalked by backwoods cannibals. This movie confirmed my feelings and notions about WV.

High Tension/Haute Tension (2005) A young French woman, Alex (Maïwenn Le Besco), travels out to the country to visit her family and she her friend, brings Marie (Cécile de France) with her. Shortly after they get settled in, Alex’s parents are brutally attacked by a truck driver who breaks into the home. The killer proceeds to stalk the women as well. The killer kidnaps Alex so Marie hides in the back of the truck to save her friend not knowing the horror that is to come.

My Weekend Trip to New Orleans


Last week I went to New Orleans. I stayed at an Airbnb that was about 10 minutes from the French Quarter for the duration of my trip. I was in NOLA for 4 days and my Airbnb (click the link for the rental info) only cost me $300. It was a 2 bedroom apartment that had up to date amenities such as AC, marble countertops and etc. So with the Airbnb being located about 10 mins from the French Quarter my ubers cost me about $8.

I’m not from New Orleans and didn’t know anyone from there so I didn’t exactly know the area that it was located in. The neighborhood was ehh, but the interior was superb. Everything was pretty much up to date and there was AC so I was satisfied. (Thank God)

The weather in New Orleans is typically very hot and humid. The weather was nice and clear for most of my trip, but on the last day of my trip it rained nonstop.


The French Quarter is basically the bustling downtown area of New Orleans. It’s oversaturated with tourists and overpriced, but unique souvenirs & etc. During the day you’ll see tons of people eating, talking and walking around seemingly aimlessly (lol). There are painters and all types of sidewalk acts. Some of the people are pretty friendly and may spark up some small talk. During the night you’ll see people out for drinks, you’ll hear music, see psychics and some unexplainable things.


Some of the popular food spots to go to are Cafe Du Monde, French Marketplace, Tropical Isle, and Fire Food & Spirits.

Cafe Du Monde is the place to go for beignets. Beignets are their specialty so they pretty much only serve that and drinks. The French donuts are sold in orders of 3 for $3 and some change. The line is always long and their open 24 hours. They also have carryout if you want to get them to go. They have a location at Riverwalk Outlet and another on Decatur st.


Fire Food & Spirits is a cool spot that’s a restaurant and bar. The service wasn’t that great, but the food was good. I went there and got a seafood platter that had catfish, crawfish, and shrimp with pasta. The platter cost me $15. It’s located about 15 mins from the French Quarter in a shopping center on Bullard Ave.

The French Marketplace is where you can go to get lunch, dinner and do a little flea market type shopping in the French Quarter. I stopped there for lunch and got a catfish Po’boy. The catfish sandwich and chips cost me about $10. The sandwich wasn’t horrible, but I wasn’t impressed.


There are two Tropical Isle bars located on Bourbon Street that sell the popular hand grenade drinks. I went to another bar called Willies Chicken Shack that has these really tall margarita drinks for $12.


Down by Canal St there is Riverwalk Outlet that’s basically a mall so if you ever need a last minute outfit or something stop there. Behind the outlet there is a ferry that costs $2 one way and will take you to Algiers Point which is considered to be the Brooklyn of Nola. The trolley is also cheap and costs $1.25. There aren’t really any buses in the French Quarter so expect to either uber or use the trolley to get around the city.




Canal Street gives you like an LA/Miami feel with the palm trees and streets minus the beaches (lol). NOLA is definitely one of a kind..

Bourbon Street is not for the weak hearted. It’s definitely an acquired taste. There’s tons of people. Very drunk people. Ladies don’t wear heels. Always pay attention to what’s going on as well. I had numerous strangers walk up to me and get really close to me (my purse). However, there’s never a dull moment and it’s still cool to enjoy a night out there. I was able to see a wedding second line parade which was really dope. I shared a few pictures of other things I saw below.



While I was there I went to two museums. I went to the New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum, which was quaint and small, but very intriguing and creepy. There was a lot of Creole history in the museum. People placed pictures and money offerings on the relics. There was a “wish stump” where people wrote their wishes down followed the instructions and placed the paper on the stump with a money offering. Definitely a must see if you’re ever in New Orleans.

The second museum I went to was the Museum of Death. I wasn’t allowed to take any pictures, but the museum basically had pictures of crime scenes such as the Nicole Simpson crime scene, notes/letters from criminals and victims and there was stuff there related to embalming/morticians tools/supplies. If you’re squeamish or faint don’t go. It’s not that much gore, but I’m sure it can be too much for some.

New Orleans is a Southern city so despite it being a seemingly colorful and exciting melting pot of people there are still racial tensions and looks of disdain. It’s best to do most of the activities and sightseeing in a groups. If you go somewhere and don’t feel comfortable just leave. Safety first ☝🏾

Always make sure your phone is charged. The French Quarter is winding and confusing at first, but you still want to make sure you know where you are at all times.

Overall my trip was really fun. I had fun meeting new people, trying new dishes and exploring the city. I’ll definitely be going back in the near future.

Movie Review: The Incredible Jessica James


I’m really starting to appreciate Netflix’s original series and movies more. One of my most recent favorites is The Incredible Jessica James (2017). The film stars Jessica Williams, Lakeith Stanfield and Chris O’Dowd.

The film is about Jessica, a young black woman who is the embodiment of eccentric and colorful. Jessica is a struggling playwright living in NYC . She’s going through a recent breakup and trying to navigate through life. While dating she finds an unlikely love interest who has her smitten and rethinking some of the things in her life.

I feel like this particular film is something that was much needed because it focused on the life of an artistic, black woman rather than the typical movie about the quirky white girl next door. Another thing that I like about the movie is that it was realistic. Jessica didn’t have a ton of friends, she was awkward and funny instead of being portrayed as a hyper sexualized woman who couldn’t get her life together. It also focused on the struggle of getting over an ex and eventually making amends which I like because people shouldn’t have to feel so toxic and torn after a breakup.

Despite the good things, I did not like that Jessica’s love interest which was a white collar white man who just came into her life via a blind date that her friend sent her on. He miraculously swept her off her feet like she was damsel in distress and he was her knight in shining armor. In the movie industry, it’s so cliche to have a black woman play a conflicted character who is trying to figure it all out with the help of her white friend who makes snarky comments or she has a white love interest who is coming into her life as a savior to give her clarity and solutions to all her problems.

The movie was really dope despite the white savior aspect. Jessica James was living her best life not knowing what was next for her or what was the right way to cope after a break up. I was happy to see a black girl be at the forefront of a film all about her and her life.

Movie Review: IT

It is based on the Stephen King novel of the same name, which released on September 8, 2017. Prior to this film there was a mini series that aired in 1990.

The film follows a group of 13 year old misfits that are labeled as the “Losers Club” and live in Derry, Maine. After a significant amount of missing children reports, Bill, who is apart of the Losers Club, has a little brother that has mysteriously gone missing. He uses the little bit of courage that he can muster up along with the help of his friends to figure out what is causing the children in their town to go missing. As he and his friends dig deep and uncover secrets of their seemingly quaint town they soon realize they must fight against their deepest fears along with fighting the thing that lives and thrives off their fears.

If you’ve seen the movie then you’ve noticed in the end credits it said “chapter 1”, which hints at there being a sequel coming soon. *Spoiler not but really a spoiler* In Stephen King’s novel and in the film, the protagonists made a blood oath to return to Derry and fight off It/Pennywise and the gang inevitably return to Derry as adults to face him Pennywise once again.

I think this movie initially wasn’t highly anticipated, but it grabbed the interest of people once the release date neared. It was a smash at the box office with an estimated $60 million haul, which made it the highest grossing September release ever.

I would definitely say that It has Annabelle: Creation beat. This film was one of the scariest movies of 2017. It wasn’t that eerie but it’s as close as the horror genre is going to get these days. There was a scene where one of the kids in the Loser’s Club is at the library and is possibly uncovering the origin of Pennywise which could give the second film the opportunity to delve into where It came from. There weren’t any cheesy attempts to spook you with a sound effect or ominous music. The directors and producers really relied on making the creepiness of Pennywise come to life in the film based on the text. I would give this film a 4.5/5

Movie Review: Annabelle: Creation

This weekend I went to see the film, Annabelle: Creation. For those of you who aren’t familiar, the film is basically a prequel to the initial film titled Annabelle, which was preceded by the film, The Conjuring. Supposedly Annabelle is a real life demonically possessed doll.

So the story is that there is a demonic possession of this bizarre and very ugly looking doll because it serves as a conduit. For whatever reason people really like this doll and think that it is a good idea to give it to people as a gift so for years on end the doll is continuously passed around and is haunting everyone until it makes it way to the paranormal investigator couple, Ed and Lorraine Warren. The Warren couple were able to seize the doll and put it in a glass box where it is said to be blessed regularly by a priest in order to keep its evil at bay.

Without going into too much detail and without spoiling the movie too much Annabelle: Creation is about a little girl who died tragically and her parents allowed for her soul to possess a doll and it inevitably went wrong. Years later, there are some orphan girls with nowhere to stay and the parents of the little girl who died offered to let the orphan girls to stay at their home and all hell breaks loose.


Honestly, I wasn’t really feeling the first Annabelle movie, but I still decided to give Annabelle: Creation a shot because I love horror movies. I felt like they had a good chance to redeem themselves and make this ugly doll have a dark story.

I felt like it had a lot of potential especially because it was supposed to be based on a true story. However, it was very underwhelming. There’s a few moments where you might jump, but even the corniest horror can take advantage of the element of surprise. At one point in the movie they let you see the demon in plain sight and it was very disappointing it looked like a mix between Spiderman’s Green Goblin and X-Men’s Nightcrawler.

There were a lot of moments where the plot got messy and didn’t make much sense. The movie was supposed to give a backstory on the doll, but it was really just a waste of a 2 hour movie. It started really slow and then finally led to the “scary” parts. It was funny how basically the evil that originated was sought out twice by the “victims” in the movie. There was no zero explanation on how the evil went from a porcelain doll to a raggedy ann doll.


I would give this movie a 2 out of 5.