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Question??? 🤔🤔🤔

When was the last time y’all did something for the first time?

I’m the kind of person who always likes to try and do new things because I feel like life is too short to not experience all of the shit that’s out here.

I’ll list some of the recent things I did for the first time (well as much as I can actually remember)

  • Dec (2016): I dyed all of my hair red (I was so scared that my hair was gonna fall out but it didn’t so I’m happy lol)
  • January: I started a Youtube Channel which I plan to revive in a few weeks
  • February I went to the Museum of African American History in DC for Black History Month of course but it was boring as fuck and the lines were long as fuck like some kings dominion type shit
  • March: I went to the Museum of Sex in NYC, which was crazyy there was a titty room, old victorian porn photos and shit
  • April: I completed an internship where I assisted refugees
  • May: I graduated from college

Regardless of whether you have a list like mine I think you should write out a list of things you want to do and seriously plan to do them friends or on a date.

My Favorite Netflix Original Series

By: S. Easley


Narcos goes back in time to follow the rise and ultimately the fall of  Colombian drug lord, Pablo Escobar. Most of the show is in Spanish so if you like watching movies and shows with subtitles like myself you’ll love this show. It’s interesting to get a little history lesson on who hip hop culture seems to love referencing. Season 1 is already available to watch and season 2 will be available this Fall.



This sci-fi series follows 8 people from different parts of the world who somehow begin to connect with one another. They begin to share thoughts and visions which comes in handy when they all realize their new found ability is now a threat to their existence. I really enjoy this show because it connects cultures and people that would typically be seen as apples and oranges. It even focuses on sexuality, gender and religion.


Master of None

This show is something pretty much any young adult can relate to. It follows the story of Dev living in New York who is just simply trying to figure out life like most of us are. He’s trying to navigate through work, his parents, friends and his relationships. Life is one big juggling contest and this show depicts it pretty well in my opinion.


Stranger Things

A new sci-fi series set in the 80s that focuses on the disappearance of a young boy named Will. He mysteriously goes missing on his way home from hanging with his friends. Will’s disappearance causes a series of strange events and even uncovering things that were hiding in plain sight.


So just recently.. well about a month or two ago I started using LinkedIn for an assignment. I always had one of course as a college student, but I just couldn’t figure out how to make use of it.

I have now come to find it pretty useful. It’s a good way to build yourself and consider the skills and experience you have. You build connections with employers, colleges if you’re interested in Grad school and you can communicate and stay in contact with professors. Oh and peers too!

The best way to beef up your profile is to:

  • have a nice, professional profile picture nothing from twitter or instagram.
  • Be sure to include a little about yourself. Include a summary about who you are, your interests, your goals and aspirations.
  • Put down any jobs or volunteering opportunities you’ve done.
  • Go a little in depth about your education discuss courses that relate to what your ultimate career goal is along with programs and clubs you have been involved in.
  • List skills you’ve gained from courses, job and even volunteering.

I just felt like sharing a bit of information to help you guys. College student or not LinkedIn can be your key to success.



Hope this helps – T


Sunday is the most relaxing day of the week.. well at least it should be. I think that Sundays are great for just relaxing, getting organized and prepared for the week ahead. So if you're off work and just have the day to yourself you should take advantage of that.
Most times during the week we have very limited time to do the things we need or want to do like cleaning, watching movies, catching up on our favorite shows, readings, cooking breakfast or even sleeping in. Also, I think it's important for us to get some things squared away such as, catching up on sleep because we want to get rid of last week's clutter and stress in order to have a pretty clear mind for the week ahead. It's also important to have things squared away because each thing you get done is one less thing to worry about later because it's already taken care of.
Relaxing is really important if work or school usually has you stressed out. You want to make sure you're doing things to help you wind down even throughout the week because stress can have some pretty bad effects over a long period of time. So by all means do stuff go for a walk, sleep, eat, watch tv, catch up with friends, read a book or get organized for the week. Do stuff that makes you happy.

just something to consider

#SayHerName: 9 Signs The #SandraBland Case Could Be A Massive Cover-Up



9 Signs The #SandraBland Case Could Be A Massive Cover-Up

If you’re a non-racist, discerning citizen, then you can probably assume that Sandra Bland was actually murdered and didn’t commit suicide as the Waller County police department insists. This isn’t just a conspiracy theory or people being paranoid. There’s real evidence that something is amiss. For example…


The trash bag – The story of her hanging herself with the trash bag just doesn’t make sense.

bland mugshot

bland mugshot 2

The ‘Mugshot’ – There’s speculation that this mugshot has been taken after she died. And the evidence is pretty damning.


The “Faulty Autopsy” – The district attorney is asking for a “redo” on Bland’s autopsy do to an initial “faulty” one. What?


The Video “Glitch” – The dashcam video of Bland being arrested had multiple hiccups and edits. Cars disappear and video is looped, but this is part of a “glitch” and the video wasn’t…

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XXL Magazine’s Freshman Class Of 2015 Show In L.A. At Club Nokia Hosted By DJ Skee


Kidd Kidd, OG Maco, and K Camp freshman 2015live

XXL Freshmen 15 Concert

Members of XXL Magazine’s famously touted Freshman Class of 2015 put on an unforgettable show in L.A. Monday night at Club Nokia hosted by DJ Skee.

Fetty Wap, Shy Glizzy, OG Maco, K Camp and Kidd Kidd performed their hit singles to a sold out crowd and were joined on stage by surprise guest and Hip-Hop superstar 50 CentTrinidad JamesMasika KalyshaYesi Ortiz, and Curren$y joined the Freshman backstage as they celebrated yet another successful XXL Freshman LIVE show.

K Camp, Vanessa Satten, and Fetty Wap freshman 2015 live


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