March: Resilience

So I decided that since it is my birthday month I’ll start doing monthly focus blog post. March’s focus will be on resilience. I feel that it is fitting given the current state of the world right now. I’ve been thinking about my resiliency a lot lately and I have to give myself some credit for making it to this point despite everything. Considering your own resiliency serves as a reminder of how much credit you should give yourself especially when you’ve been facing a lot of adversity.

When considering all of the times you’ve bounced back from adverse, uncertain and stressful situations that seemed impossible… What makes you resilient?

For myself, I would say my spirituality. I believe that God is guiding me and preparing me for my purpose. I also would say my belief in myself even during the hardest times makes me resilient as well. My belief is that if you have no faith in yourself, it’ll be hard for you to see the light at the end of the tunnel. My ambitiousness reinforces my resiliency too. I have a lot of personal goals that I am working towards achieving so I have to be resilient.

The other day I read a prompt that asked how can you practice resilience? The first thing that came to mind is self-awareness, self-care, being insightful and optimistic. I also do my best to curb negative thinking patterns because if there’s a chance that things go wrong, there’s also a chance that things can work out, right? Practicing gratitude is another way because through gratitude you can recognize the good that there is in your life and it will keep you grounded and ultimately resilient. Other ways I practice is through positive outlets or just simply decompressing and detaching. I’ve learned that it is important to not just say it and actually do the inner work to continue grow.

What ways do you practice resilience?

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