Movie Review: A Quiet Place (2018)

I’ve been looking forward to this movie ever since I saw the trailer for it late last year.

It seemed very intriguing based on the trailer. I wanted to know what made this family go silent and live in the woods. John Krasinski starred as Lee Abbott alongside Emily Blunt who starred as Evelyn Abott, Lee’s wife. Krasinski wrote the screenplay as well.

It came out a few days ago so I’m going to (try to) leave out as much spoilers as I can.

The movie is about a family that initially started out with five members. If you’ve watched the trailer you’ve seen that they communicate through sign language. They play board games with pieces of cloth and things like that. They’ve modified their lives in a way where they can communicate and survive without making a sound. They’re basically cohabiting with creatures that hunt through the utilization of echolocation.

Mini Science Lesson: Echolocation is a biological sonar. Humans don’t have much use for it, but animals do. Whales, bats, rodents, and birds use it to locate things especially when hunting. Echolocation allows them to feel out their surroundings. It’s really interesting when you really read more into it.

Ok now back to the movie.

So these very disgusting looking creatures use echolocation to hunt. They hunt small animals that unknowingly make noises in the wilderness. The family has everything pretty much mapped out and are set up on their farmland. They have light strung up to give signals to one another from a distance. They bump heads from time to time in the film. But the biggest struggle is that Evelyn is pregnant. Imagine trying to keeping a newborn quiet during an apocalypse that was brought on by creatures that hunt by sound or giving birth quietly!!!!

A Quiet Place kept me on edge the whole time. It made me realize how noisy humans are. They had to create painted paths so that they wouldn’t steps on creaky spots in their wood flooring. They would get frustrated, but they couldn’t argue or just say “ugh” without putting their lives on the line. They did really well with adapting though I will say that. Just watching the movie made me feel like I needed to keep quiet too. Honestly, that was the quietest movie theatre I’d ever been in.

I did see some holes in it though. Remember when I talked about echolocation? Yeah, so in the movie everything they did seemed noisy even if they breathed through their nose too hard. Realistically speaking they would’ve died 2 seconds into the movie because if these creatures truly hunt based on their acute sense of hearing they would have never stood a chance. It didn’t matter what measures they took. Sound is sound. Any faint noise would’ve given off a vibration. In addition, I found it odd that there was literally no one else in the movie besides some weird old man that Lee and his son saw when they were coming back from hunting. I called the man weird because he stared at them then decided to yell which basically beckoned one of those creatures to come and kill him.

Also, John Krasinski sought out a deaf actress to portray his daughter on the screen. Millicent Simmonds portrayedI think her casting was a good look for a film. I mean how can you have a film where everything is completely silent and you communicate through sign language, but don’t have an actress with impaired hearing to actually make her character come to life.

Overall, A Quiet Place was really dope. It was unique to see a movie portray keeping quiet as a survival tactic. I strongly feel that there will be a part two though, but who knows we’ll see.

Check out the trailer below.

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