My Favorite Netflix Original Series

By: S. Easley


Narcos goes back in time to follow the rise and ultimately the fall of  Colombian drug lord, Pablo Escobar. Most of the show is in Spanish so if you like watching movies and shows with subtitles like myself you’ll love this show. It’s interesting to get a little history lesson on who hip hop culture seems to love referencing. Season 1 is already available to watch and season 2 will be available this Fall.



This sci-fi series follows 8 people from different parts of the world who somehow begin to connect with one another. They begin to share thoughts and visions which comes in handy when they all realize their new found ability is now a threat to their existence. I really enjoy this show because it connects cultures and people that would typically be seen as apples and oranges. It even focuses on sexuality, gender and religion.


Master of None

This show is something pretty much any young adult can relate to. It follows the story of Dev living in New York who is just simply trying to figure out life like most of us are. He’s trying to navigate through work, his parents, friends and his relationships. Life is one big juggling contest and this show depicts it pretty well in my opinion.


Stranger Things

A new sci-fi series set in the 80s that focuses on the disappearance of a young boy named Will. He mysteriously goes missing on his way home from hanging with his friends. Will’s disappearance causes a series of strange events and even uncovering things that were hiding in plain sight.


The Affair

By: S. Easley

This is a pretty captivating series on Showtime. It starts off slow, but picks up and gets really intense towards the end of the season. This show basically follows the story of Noah and Alison’s affair and how it links to a murder investigation. Their summer fling had long lasting effects on their loved ones especially their now  ex spouses . The key characters of the show are Noah, Helen (Noah’s ex wife), Alison, and Cole (Alison’s ex husband). There are also children involved. Noah and Helen have four children. Alison and Cole had a child who is deceased. The show consists of flashbacks that follow the affair and also goes back to the present time where it leads into how the affair connects to the murder investigation of the death of Alison’s ex brother-in-law.

My favorite part of this series is that it is told in more than one part meaning one part is told from one person’s perspective and then the other half of the episode is told from another. It is interesting to see how differently people perceive events and something someone has said to them. I enjoy this series mostly because it doesn’t really give you an opportunity to feel like anyone is a bad person.


By: S. Easley

So Netflix has this new show called Sense8 it’s like a sci-fi drama that’s pretty much my favorite show. The show focuses on 8 people who share the same birthday which is August 8th. They all become linked mentally and must help each other stay protected. Though they don’t really understand their powers they conveniently come to each other’s aid when needed most. My favorite thing about the show is they characters from like every corner of the world…

  • Capheus lives in Nairobi, Kenya
  • Wolfgang in Germany
  • Riley in London although she’s from Iceland
  • Kala lives in Mumbai, India
  • Sun is in Seoul, South Korea
  • Lito lives Mexico City
  • There’s Will in Chicago
  • Nomi in San Francisco, CA

This is probably the first show I’ve watched and liked every character lol