Social Media: a Gift and a Curse

For the past few years I’ve always talked about how much social media has affected young adults these days including myself. The affects are good and bad though.

When it comes to the good things, I’ve noticed that a lot of people have used legitimately used social media for networking and building their brands whether it is for hosting/promoting parties, selling clothes, hair extensions or whatever. People have even gotten job opportunities and met celebs because of social media which is dope….. Some people have used social media as a way to make friends, link up with associates and/or date, which can be tricky.

Now here goes the bad….. Inferiority and multiple complexes has been the result of social media from what I’ve noticed. There are people who constantly feel like they need to compete or feel like if they’re not doing what other people are doing they’re an underachiever. Also, flying each other has been a thing that pretty much goes wrong every time lol PSA: don’t fly across the country solo to link up with strangers. 

ALSO, it seems like we all have a hard time disconnecting. Sometimes I’ll find myself refreshing my TL just because and not because I have any interest in whatever everyone is tweeting or posting it’s just become a habit.

Social Media is really complex and taking over slowly but surely in both good and bad ways.


Adulting has been on my mind a lot lately now that I’ve graduated from college. I have time to kinda think like “ok so now what?”

I think we all reach that point where (whether we went to college or not) we’re trying to figure out what’s the next move we need to make in order to prosper as an adult.

There’s so much to on the adulting to do listūüďĚ:

  • Finding a decent job with good benefits
  • finding somewhere to live
  • paying bills
  • budgeting
  • staying organized and on top of things
  • Building up your resume
  • putting your time management skills to use or if you don’t have any building them up

Here’s a ūüĎČūüŹĺ link to a guide that’ll help you with most of your adulting questions and issues

I think the most difficult part is making the transition from being guided through life by your parents to doing it all on your own, but it’s just a one day at a time type of things. I just wanted to make this post to ensure you that you’re not alone.


New Year, New Me.. Well Kinda

Happy New Year, guys! I hope you all brought in the new year with loved ones and enjoyed yourself.

So I’m writing to this post to share my thoughts on new year’s resolutions. So typically people have this notion that with the new year they can revamp themselves and become this new person while coming up with all of these unrealistic goals and etc. that they swear they’re gonna achieve and stick to. I’ve come to realize that associating the new year with things you want/should do is not a good idea… However I think it is a good idea to incorporate the new things in your daily life meaning instead of saying “I wanna lose 25lbs. this year.” make it a regular thing to go to the gym. Also, I think it is important to consider your goals and how realistic they are. Is it feasible for you to accomplish them? Don’t go beyond your means. Will you have time do it? Will you stick to it? You could always just plan to do something it doesn’t all have to happen in one year. Go at your own pace.

I just say all of this to express that I suggest that you  should want to do these things long term depending on what the goal is. I think it is important to consider that you want to continue doing this thing rather than for a short period of time and constantly continuing the cycle of coming up with something new every year. Just consider what you want to do as improvement rather than becoming a new you.


Happy New Year again,

S. Easley


So just recently.. well about a month or two ago I started using LinkedIn for an assignment. I always had one of course as a college student, but I just couldn’t figure out how to make use of it.

I have now come to find it pretty useful. It’s a good way to build yourself and consider the skills and experience you have. You build connections with employers, colleges if you’re interested in Grad school and you can communicate and stay in contact with professors. Oh and peers too!

The best way to beef up your profile is to:

  • have a nice, professional profile picture nothing from twitter or instagram.
  • Be sure to include a little about yourself. Include a summary about who you are, your interests, your goals and aspirations.
  • Put down¬†any jobs or volunteering opportunities you’ve done.
  • Go a little in depth about your education discuss courses that relate to what your ultimate career goal is along with programs and clubs you have been involved in.
  • List skills you’ve gained from courses, job and even volunteering.

I just felt like sharing a bit of information to help you guys. College student or not LinkedIn can be your key to success.



Hope this helps – T

Knowing Your Worth

By: S. Easley

This topic today is kind of relevant to me personally from my own experiences and some of my friends’ experiences with relationships and such. Before I go I do want to say that knowing your worth doesn’t necessarily mean that you have low self-esteem or anything what I’m getting at with this post is that sometimes we need to take a step back and evaluate our current situation and our satisfaction with it. Is this worth your time? Is it going in the direction that you would like for it to? Is it too much? Is it underwhelming? Do you feel sort of stagnant?

In some cases there are unhealthy relationships that require you to realize who you are and what you’re worth. One of my friend’s called me to talk about her ex and the unhealthy relationship they still have going on because of their constant contact due to their child. She said that she had finally had enough and saw things for what it was. She finally knew her worth. You can care about someone and love them, but you can’t let that be the reason why you continue to stay in unhealthy relationship. Constant fussing and fighting isn’t a healthy relationship worth staying in.¬†From this you can see that most times we can’t tell our friends what is or isn’t good for them. As individuals¬†we have to learn on our own. Whatever I would tell her never made a difference in how she did things. ¬†Sometimes something dramatic has to happen for that person to determine when enough is enough for them (unless they’re in an abusive relationship that’s when you step in).

In other cases, there is an issue with fulfillment. You and your significant other may not be on the same page or are moving at the same pace. You wanna take things slow and they’re ready to settle down or vice versa. In situations like those¬†you have to consider your worth and what you want. Are you willing to settle for what someone else wants in order to just be in their life and unhappy because it’s not necessarily what you want? You have to start thinking for yourself and your needs. It’s not selfish to consider your happiness when it comes to relationships especially when the common goal is to be with someone long term.

You have to remember you can do better than the situations and relationships that are unfulfilling and unsatisfying. When you are unappreciated and you aren’t taken into consideration by that other person that’s when you need to start reevaluating what you want and what makes you happy.

I hope this post gave you something to think about and helped in anyway.


By: S. Easley


So I saw this earlier while blogging and thought it was something worth sharing because I feel like it’s something relevant to all of our lives these days. We as people have a habit of getting stuck on people in friendships or relationships out of comfort whether it’s a healthy relationship or not. But as individuals we need to think positively and have a positive outlook. However it is important that the people we surround ourselves with think the same way otherwise they’ll just pull you down. Being apart of healthy friendships and relationships can be a motivating force and influential to our progression and development in life.

By: S. Easley

Speaking Things Into Existence

I just wanted to make a post about the power of speaking things into existence. Positive thinking, planning and patience are important when it comes to making the thing you desire come to fruition. In life you want to experience things, learning things, move forward and even overcome some things.

So I suggest sitting down writing some things out and claiming them for your own. Mention some things to your friends like “Once I get my masters I plan to move up in my current job and get this much needed promotion.” or “I deserve a change of scenery¬†so I’m gonna pack up and visit Morocco.” Talk your things to existences make them real.

It’s all about turning your desires into goals that can happen and not letting them just be far fetched chit chat.

I hope you guys consider this and decide to speak things into existence so that there will be a positive change in your life ūüôā

   By: S. Easley

Just Some Tipsūüėä


So we’re pretty much knee deep into the fall semester and it’s important to stay focused, organized and motivated. Those 3 key things are what are needed to have successful semesters.


It’s important to stay focused though some class lectures can be a little dry you want to make sure you are retaining info because isn’t that the whole point of being there? lol right so in some cases teachers may have powerpoints that they’ll post later ¬†after the class I suggest still taking notes anyway that way you can follow along throughout class and know what’s being talked about and maybe even get some examples that could possibly be on an upcoming exam. Also, what may help in some classes is bringing the textbook. Lugging the textbook around campus can be a pain, but it can contribute to your understanding of a particular chapter or concept. However, you should be doing the reading assignments because that plays a big part in your success in a course.


Organization is soooo important. You have to figure out what works best for you whether it’s a notebook or a binder or whichever other ways there are to store notes, old exams¬†and assignments. You want to make sure all of your notes and assignments are neat and organized preferably by date. When you take notes be sure to put the chapter on it so that when you have the date and chapter it’ll be super easy to look back at notes for exams and such because you’ll have the dates and chapters to reference. Another very essential part of being organized is to get a planner. GET ONE! It’s not too late. With a planner you’ll be able to keep track of what’s due when and what test is coming up. You can even better your time management by adding other stuff so that you can have a clear map out of how your week or month is going to be. I know I know we have our smartphones for that, but I think it’s better and more clear to have it written out right in front of you.


Staying motivated is so important right now more than ever. We’re not even at midterms yet, but it’s important to keep your head above the water. Take a break or two don’t let your assignments fall behind and don’t let them drain you either. It’s counterproductive for you to be unmotivated and drained. Keep in mind what all of this hard work and dedication is for. If you feel like you’re not quite sure what you’re doing all of this for jot down some goals. What do you want to get out of the college experience? What do you want out of life? Where do you want to be in life in 5 years?

I just thought I would write something for the students because I know from experience it can be a very tiring and difficult time, but I know if you stay focused, organized and motivated you’ll always come out on top. I hope this helps.

-S. EasleyūüíĖ

Food for Thought

I felt like I should share this with you all. At least one of these seven cardinal rules may apply to something that’s going on with you personally and could possibly be a solution. Hope you all have a productive Wednesday ūüôā