Self-Care Sundays

Even though we’re in a time of uncertainty it is important to maintain some level of normalcy and most importantly take care of ourselves. Self-care should be everyone’s top priority right now. We can’t allow ourselves to unravel in the midst of everything going on. I’ve compiled a list of things that will keep your mental sharp and maintain your peace of mind.

  • Spend time on your skincare. Give yourself the spa experience from home. Try a facial, a serum or a gentle chemical peel. Some of my favorite products are La Roche-Posay’s prebiotic gentle cleanser, DHC’s oil cleanser, and Sweet Chef’s ginger+vitamin C brightening serum.
  • Stretch in the morning and before bed
  • Drink water
  • Take your vitamins
  • Reading is probably one of the best forms of escapism in my opinion. I’m currently reading Little Fires Everywhere.
  • Unplug. Take break from social media. If you’re working from home it’s probably good to take breaks from being on your phone or laptop. Just because you’re home doesn’t mean you always have to be available.
  • Meditation is a good way to practice of self-care. Incorporating it into a yoga session might be nice. Sound bath videos on youtube is currently one of my favorite things to do just de-stress.
  • Simply going for a walk especially if you have a dog is something nice to do. Be sure to go to a less populated or less trafficked park/area to maintain social distance.
  • Developing an at home workout routine can be good for maintaining discipline or developing it if you had some body goals you wanted to achieve prior to the current circumstances.
  • Gaming is also another option. I’ve been playing animal crossing and Sims 4.
  • Journaling is a good form of self-care as well as an outlet. Jot down how you feel, any of your ideas, make a list of plans, list the things you’re grateful for or just simply thinking.
  • Cooking can be therapeutic. Experiment with some different recipes. I love baking. My favorite things to make are desserts (lol). I like making banana pudding cake.
  • Moderation. Do everything in moderation.
  • Painting is one of my favorite things to do. There’s no right or wrong way to paint. Just go with how you feel. Michael’s, the craft store is doing curbside deliveries and they have a ton of sales going on as well as art projects on their site.
  • Learn a new language. Envision yourself going on a trip to somewhere abroad when this is all over. Duolingo is one of the best apps to use to learn a language. I’m currently brushing up on my French and learning Italian because I hope to visit Italy when traveling is safe and permitted again. What language would do you want to learn and what country do you want to visit?
  • Do some gardening or buy a houseplant. I’m doing a bit of both. I currently have a money tree and an aloe plant. I recently bought an Ichiban eggplant sprout, grape tomato sprout and a sweet mint plant.

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