Food for Thought

I believe that having a strong, secure sense of self made handling the different aspects of adulthood a lot easier and clearer for me. I feel like I can approach situations that could range from work, friendships, relationships and family matters with a clear mind. Clarity means everything to me because even though I can’t make my life perfect it still gives me the ability to make things less frustrating and more focused. I’m all for changing my mindset in order make my life more easy going was the best thing I could’ve did. I’m all for whatever can make my life less complicated

When facing difficult situations or decisions I don’t falter. I don’t question myself. I trust my intuition. I may not be perfect, but everything that I do or say comes from a genuine place, which makes all the difference in the world to me.

I know what my purpose is so I make sure everything I do aligns with it and everything that I do is done with intention. I know what my wants and needs are and I know how to verbalize those things. I know what I deserve. I know what I will and won’t tolerate.

Having a strong, secure sense of self gives me the confidence and courage to express these things without being hesitant. It also put me in the headspace of not allowing myself to engage in anything that doesn’t align with who I am or what my purpose is.

Developing your sense of self isn’t an easy feat and it doesn’t happen overnight. I feel like different situations and life lessons put me to the test in order to inevitably shape who I am. In order to have a sense of self you have to know who you are and things will come along easier. When don’t know who are you just yet that when life seems to be the most frustrating because despite doing your best you may be unintentionally doing things that don’t align with who you are. It’s ok though. Developing your sense of self takes time. As life goes on you’ll figure it out. It’s one of those things that comes together better over time.

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