Baltimore’s 6th Annual Seafood Fest

Late post, but last month. I went to Baltimore’s seafood festival for the first time. I was excited because I love seafood mand felt it would be the perfect opportunity to try some new foods from the wide variety vendors that were present at the festival.

Check out the pics and videos of the food as well as the festival as the festival below:

I got flounder, plantains and rice from Farafina Island. It was my first time trying flounder. I loved the crispiness and flavor of the fish. It went really well together with the rice and plantains.

I got this crab cake sandwich from Flash Crab Co. I didn’t really care for all of the parsley, but once I got past that it was still a good sandwich.

Pictured below are soft shell crab legs from Nick’s Fish House. I didn’t try these. I wasn’t feeling that adventurous (lol). My bf tried them and he liked them so I decided to just take his word on it.

Overall, the festival was pretty chill and laid back. It was set right by the water on a not so hot dau. There was live music (not the kind of music I listened, but it was nice), raffles and it had art as well as souvenirs/memorabilia for sale

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