Top Boy Back Like it Never Left

Top Boy has made its official return as a Netflix Original series this week with some familiar faces, but new some ones as well as new love and new problems.

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At the very start of this season we catch up with Dushane (Ashley Walters) who has been hiding out in Jamaica with family and Sully (Kano) whose been serving time in prison, but will be released shortly. However, before the two make their return to the infamous Summerhouse they make decisions that pulls them back into the life that screwed them up in the first place. Things are different for the duo now that they’ve lived and they’ve learned. Dushane and Sully feel out of place in a territory that they once ran. They also feel like there’s a lot they’ve missed out on because of the life they’ve lived.

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The series introduces new characters who add some very interesting dynamics to the series such as, Jamie (Micheal Ward), Shelley (Little Simz) Modie (Santan Dave), and many more young stars. Out of all the newcomers, Jamie is probably my favorite character this season. His character has a lot of different layers. Jamie’s character changes your mind about what you think the day to day life of a roadman would be. He’s a roadman/family man/caregiver. He has a lot to live for and a lot to lose in this war between him, Dushane and Sully.

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It was refreshing to have this new standalone season live up to the hype and draw me in just as it did years ago. It still maintains the combination of grit, love, struggle and innocence. I really enjoyed seeing such a talented black cast do their thing. The soundtrack for the series was really good and fitting. The only thing this season was missing was Ra’nell. Nonetheless, can’t wait to see what’s next for Top Boy.

It’s still new so I don’t want to say too much and ruin it for you all, but you should definitely tune in or catch up if you haven’t see the series from the start. Check out the trailer below

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