Stepping Stones & Life Lessons

One of the most important realizations that I came to as an adult is that there will be people and situations that have sole purpose of being a life lesson or stepping stone. It’s also very humbling to know that I may have served that purpose for someone. Realizing that I was put in the position to help someone move forward and vice versa was eye opening.

Like any normal human being, I used to question everything. I wanted to try to find the deeper meaning for everything. I guess that was my way of trying to get some closure or try to find the logic in something that hadn’t quite revealed itself yet.

In life we’ve all experienced trying times whether it was heartbreak, grief, stress or anything that left us wondering “why me?” and “what’s next?” It’s when you’re trying to figure out why you’re in shitty space or why you feel like people are just going in and out of your life that you can’t think or see clearly enough to understand what’s happening until something much bigger than all of that happens then you have that “OHHHHH” moment.

I remember when I had this job where I was constantly being put under pressure by management all of the time. It made me miserable because I didn’t want to leave until I had a better job that would ideally put me back in my field of study. I just remember how much that affected the other aspects of my life and put in a weird space because most of my time was spent at work it just clouded my head. However, I was able to compartmentalize all of the madness going at work so that I could use it as motivation to get my shit together so that wouldn’t my end all be all.

Overall, having the clarity helped me stop trying to look for that deeper meaning or rationalize what was happening in my life so that instead I could focus on looking ahead for what was to come because it was all apart of a bigger picture. Seeing the bigger picture gave me the ability to let go of those temporary things in order to make room for the better and more permanent things life has to offer.

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