Just a thought…

Yesterday I was chilling and meditating. Sundays are a day where I tend to reflect and meditate on things going on in my life. It’s cathartic for me. I feel like it’s instrumental in helping me progress. One of the realizations that I came to about myself was that there is so much power in my words and thought patterns. It can ultimately sway me one way or the other, which can be good or bad. Also, it’s important to acknowledge that power and act accordingly. How we speak to ourselves is so important and crucial because it shapes our lives as well as the quality of it. How we see ourselves is our true selves and how we speak to ourselves sets the tone. Positive self-talk and affirmations builds up our confidence, self-love, self-assurance and resilience. I’ve decided to seriously work on deading negative self-talk and speaking positive affirmations because I know that it pretty much all starts within.

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