Stuff to Watch

I’ve compiled a list of funny, sad, interesting, mysterious, thrilling and captivating TV series and movies to stream on Hulu or Netflix. Check them out below.

Elite (2018-)


This Spanish series is about a group of lower class and upper class students whose worlds collide shortly after attending school together. Lower class students consists of Samuel, Nadia and Christian were placed in an elite preparatory school after there was some issues at their public school. While attending the preparatory, they are immersed into the scandalous world of the rich kids. The rich kids are Marina, Guzmán, Carla, Ander, Lu and Polo. They don’t often see eye to eye, but they have an unspoken loyalty to one another. Samuel, Nadia, Christian get caught up in the rich kids’ world, but they must keep their heads about water as a murder is committed on school grounds and it seems as if they all have a motive to kill Marina based on her seemingly reckless and backstabbing ways, but it won’t be who you thought it was. You can stream this on Netflix.

Nothing to Hide (2018)

Le Jeu

This French film is about a group of friends who have known each other since they were in grade school. Now they’re all grown up married with kids or at least some of them are. They all decide to catch up with one another and have dinner during a lunar eclipse, which initially seems like a great idea. One of them brings up a story that initiates a phone game where all of them have to put their cellphones at the center of the table. The rule of the game is to be open and honest with everyone each time they get a notification or call to their phones. They soon find out about each other’s lies and secret and even realize that they’re not that loyal to each other. You can stream this on Netflix.

Sorry to Bother You (2018)

Sorry to Bother You

This film is about Cassius who has been struggling, but finally lands a telemarketing job. That discovers the power of using his “white voice.” He finally starts to see some success with his newfound career in the corporate, but of course it doesn’t come without consequences and resistance. It’s comedic, eccentric, quirky and definitely unlike anything you’ve ever watched before. You can watch this on Hulu.

Killing for Love (2017)

Killing for Love

Sometimes we think that doing things out of love is a valid reason even if that means that we sacrifice our own lives in effort to appease someone else. This documentary discusses a 1980s double murder that took place in Virginia. It tells the story of Elizabeth Haysom’s tumultuous and toxic life as well as the others that got caught in her crosshairs. The Killing for Love documentary dissects everything that took place before, during and after the death of Elizabeth’s parents as investigators circle back to decades old case that seems to have some inconsistencies. You can check this documentary out on Hulu.

The Sinner (2017-)

The Sinner - Season 1

 This crime mystery anthology series follows Detective Harry Ambrose as he works to solve unusual cases in quiet towns. The first season is about a housewife who stabs someone to death at the beach while she was spending the day with her family. The second season which aired this year is about a young boy who poisoned a couple. You can watch the first season on Netflix.

The Nineties (2018)

The Nineties

This docuseries is all about the digital decade. The first season consists of 8 episodes that discusses pop culture, politics, crime, scandals and many other things that shaped American culture during the 1990s. There are also docuseries for the 70’s and 80’s. They’re all available on Netflix.

Mom and Dad (2017)

Mom and Dad

This film focuses on Carly and Joshua who are fighting for their lives since a mass hysteria has taken over causing parents to brutally hunt and kill their own children. Grandparents, their neighbors, and pretty much anyone with kids is brutally murdering their kids and they show no remorse. You can watch this on Hulu.

The Invisible Guest (2016)

The Invisible Guest

This film tells the story of an affair between two married people who end up working together to cover up a murder when they get into a fatal accident after coming back from their rendezvous. However, things take a turn for the worst when one of them dies and must fight for their innocence as well as their family. You can watch this on Netflix.

Baby (2018-)

Baby Netflix

This Italian series focuses on an unlikely friendship that is formed between Ludo and Chiara who are schoolmates at a private school in one of the best neighborhoods in Rome. Their lives are very different, but also very similar. Ludo and Chiara are both in need of an escape from their stressful home lives so they develop a double life that quickly leads them into the dangerous life of prostitution. You can stream the first season on Netflix.

Killing Eve (2018-)

Killing Eve

This series focuses on Eve, MI5 security officer whose underwhelming desk job isn’t fulfilling her desire of being a spy. Villanelle is a chic, cold, and calculated assassin who enjoys the life and luxuries that her job affords her. These two women become obsessed with one another as they get wrapped up in a game of cat and mouse. Who knew an assassin could be so likable? You can watch the first season of this series on Hulu.

You (2018-)


Joe is an intelligent bookstore manager who just so happens to cross paths with Guinevere, an aspiring writer. She soon becomes his obsession because shortly after their friendly exchange he uses social media as a way to get closer to her. Joe won’t let anything or anyone get in the way of his obsession with Guinevere. This series is like a dark and better written version of Gossip Girl. Season one is available on Netflix.

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