Grad School After a Gap Year

I haven’t really been blogging for a while because I made the decision to go back to school and pursue another degree. I was in a space where I didn’t quite know what direction I was going in as I discussed in my post grad depression blog post so I thought it would be better for me to continue my education and gain more skills rather than sit and continuously be denied job opportunities with the skill set that I had.

I was super nervous about going back to grad school because I had kind of been out of the game for a year and I knew it would take a lot of discipline and focus to get on my shit so that I could flourish. I had to take 3 courses in order to fulfill a requirement for criminal justice that I had not taken since I was a psychology major during undergrad. I was really weary about doing this whole grad school thing because my advisor for some reason seemed to deter me a little. In one of our first conversations she was saying it was going to be a lot of writing and a lot reading in a way as if I should really consider whether I could handle it. I didn’t fold though because I knew that it wasn’t any different than undergrad because during that time I was taking at least four courses that were different and had a pretty heavy workload.

I really enjoyed grad school because it was so focused meaning that it was all one subject pretty much, which made writing papers easier. Another really great thing was that one of my classes was only once a week while the other was a hybrid class meaning that I only had to come to class every other week. I had a ton of research articles to read, but it was much easier to read since the topics discussed were relevant to the other courses. I managed to get all A’s on my paper and exams in my criminological perspectives courses as well as my reading based course on issues within law enforcement. I didn’t have any exams for my reading based course. The professor only graded students based on attendance and a final paper, which I was annoyed about because initially the professor told the class that in order to receive our participation grade we needed to read all of the assigned articles for whatever week it was and be prepared to contribute to the discussion BUT on the last day of class he told us that we would receive 100% for participation as long as we had good attendance. I took one online class on ethics, which I received a B in. The annoying part about that class is that there’s a lot of miscommunication in online classes and things can be misinterpreted. All in all this was a good semester especially given the fact that I was working full-time and dealing with issues in the workplace yet I still managed to hone in and focus on my courses.

I’m enjoying this little break so that I can chill and get ready for the next semester. I’m really hoping that I can land a job in my field so I can waive the internship requirement and that’ll kill two birds with one stone.

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