Movie Review: Suspiria (2018)

I haven’t written a film review in foreverrrr. The last film I saw was The Tun and that definitely wasn’t worth writing about, but I digress. This past weekend I went to see Suspiria, which was it’s official opening weekend. There was some select shows for Halloween weekend.

Suspiria (2018) is a remake of the original 1977 film, which is part 1 of a trilogy, which I believe will eventually be remade and done as well.

The film stars actresses: Tilda Swinton, Alek Wek, Mia Goth, Dakota Johnson, Chloe Grace Mortez.

The synopsis of the film is pretty this young woman named Susie travels from her small town in Ohio to Berlin, Germany in order to audition for Markos Dance School, a prestigious modern dance school. She is dying for the opportunity to work with Madame Blanc whom she idolizes and has studied for years. She shows up and dances for the matrons of the school with no music which was one of their requirements. She’s accepted into the school tuition free, which was already pretty strange if you ask me even for the 70s. Meanwhile Patricia Hingle, a former student of the Markos Dance school visits a psychotherapist because she believes the school is run by a coven of witches who have taken her eyes and pretty much her soul.

The basis of the movie focuses on the coven of witches that Patricia has reported discovering to her therapist. The film was divided up into 6 acts and an epilogue. Each act highlighted the different points of Susie’s life while living in Berlin at the dance school, Patricia’s therapist, Dr. Josef Klemperer, investigation into her sudden disappearance after reading through a very detailed diary she left behind and lots of other key moments which I won’t spoiler for you if you decide to go see it!

*Spoilers Below*

This movie had a very interesting vibe. It was very sensual. Every time Susie danced it seemed to be some erotic moment she was having, but it also seemed as if she was bewitched. Susie’s character was interesting, but it eventually made sense in the end when she revealed herself to be Mother Suspiriorum (susie is cute nickname huh). Throughout the movie I was trying to comprehend how a girl from a devout Christian family persevered and made it to Germany for dance school. It just didn’t make sense, but then she said she was Mother Suspiria and I was like ohhhhh right and on top of that her mother was dying in Ohio from unknown illness. As she was dying she stated that her youngest child, Susie was her biggest sin. The flashbacks to her childhood showed how she was always Mother Suspiria. As a child she was defiant. She went against the norms and seemed to have an obsession with Germany.

Another interesting thing that I noticed was that Patricia Hingle somehow learned everything about the coven of witches, but it took awhile for them to capture her. She was even able to escape for a short time unlike Olga who attempted but was lured back into a secret room which led to her demise. I wonder why would they make Patricia privy to that or how was she even able to learn about their dynamics in such detail? Nonetheless, it was still very Interesting.

One of the main things that I left the theater confused about was the purpose of the coven. What was the point of luring in young dancers besides using them as vessels/hosts for the mothers? Maybe I missed that part, but it just seemed as though they were doing everything for redundant ritualistic purposes. If the trilogy comes to fruition maybe there will be some clarification on what this coven is all about.

Susie, Olga and Patricia became prisoners to the dance school due to their discovery of what it truly was. They tried to escape but it did not work at all. Olga had her body bent and cracked up in a hidden room as the witches tied a spell to Susie’s dance movements towards the middle of the film. Sara began communicating with Patricia’s therapist who was informing her of all things that were in her diary that revealed the truth about the school. The film didn’t show what happened to Patricia or how the witches found her after she left her therapist’s office. In the final act, Susie aka Mother Suspiriorum walked through the dungeon used for sabbath asking Olga, Patricia and Sara what they wanted and they all wanted to do which she granted for them. Susie called upon death to assist her in blowing up people’s heads including the witches that were loyal to the fraud mother markos.

Tilda Swinton did a really outstanding job playing THREE characters. She played Dr. Josef Klemperer, Madame Blanc, and Mother Markos.

This was definitely a film that was alluring. It was disturbing, odd, gruesome, bewildering, but yet still very intriguing. I couldn’t look away. Suspiria is sort of the film that you need to watch a few times or at least google it in order to make sense of the madness you’ve watched for 2.5 hours. It’s a lot to process. I’m still processing what I watched.

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