Let Me Put You On: Trappin Anonymous

Let me put you onto my new favorite podcast. Just a few days ago I came across Christylezz’s twitter account as it was associated with a recent Nick Minaj episode. In the midst of her implosion, I came across something interesting. The Trappin Anonymous podcast. Christylezz basically hosts a hood confessional type of show.

This is the podcast that gives you the perspective of sex workers, “alternative” business people, social media personalities and more. Though it’s a bit problematic at times it just shows how raw and unfiltered it is. Christylezz interviews various types of people who come from different backgrounds, but are considered to be “trappin” one way or another. His guests are interviewed anonymously of course and their voices are distorted as they go in detail about their experiences and acts they’ve committed.

The first episode I listened to had me really intrigued. It was about a “twitter hoe” who had fell on hard times and decided to be resourceful in order to make ends meet. She goes in detail about what led her to become a sex worker as well how it has had a positive impact on her life further down the line. Another episode, I listened to was about a man who considered himself to be a “monger.” It was intriguing yet informative because I never imagined someone describing themselves as a monger. He discussed how he utilized his experiences with traveling abroad to third world countries as a way to create a business for himself in something that I would describe as an alternative travel agent. He basically knows the ins and outs of certain countries that would allow him to set up the ideal vacation for those who want to have “fun” and enjoy their vices with no limitations or additional costs. A more important episodes about hedge-funds and credit scores. So many gems on those episodes especially if you want to learn about finances clearly and concisely in a way that will allow you to connect with examples and stories.

It’s interesting to hear this stories be told and not be able to put a face or an actual name to it all, but I think it helps the listeners because they are able to listen to what the person is actually saying without passing off too much judgment. Also, I think it helps the anonymous guests because they are able to tell their stories/experiences (though I cannot say whether it is actually valid or not) and not feel the pressure or backlash afterwards.

Definitely give Trappin’ Anonymous a listen whenever you have the time to do so

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