The Get Over It Tour

Last weekend, I went to Iyanla Vanzant’s “Get Over It” tour in Baltimore. I knew it was going to be good and I was absolutely sure that she would speak about things that would help me grow as a person. The ambience she created was essential for the topics she would be unpacking. I left the venue feeling inspired, enlightened and informed so I thought I would share a few of the key things that I took away from her event.

  • Identification: Iyanla Vanzant talked about her book called “Get Over It.” She covered different things she discussed in the text, but one of the parts she emphasized on was in order for us to start the process over getting over our “it” we have to identify it first along with the consequences or benefits. Sometimes our “it” comes from our upbringing. Vanzant stated that her family was crazy as hell, her mother was an alcoholic, her father had a gambling addiction and her alcoholic uncle raped her when she was 9. Her upbringing affected her deeply as her caretakers always projected, disregarded her and created a narrative of who she which distorted her self-perception. I thought it was amazing that despite what she had been through she used her upbringing as a motivating force to find answers and be a voice for other people who are trying to solve their internal issues.
  • Breathing Exercise: Vanzant had everyone do a breathing exercise together. We inhaled and exhaled while placing our left hand on our neighbor’s shoulder. It was interesting in the end because what she wanted us to take away from that is that everything is energy. We need to be mindful of that as well as being in people’s sacred places or allowing people to be in our sacred places. It emphasized the important of peaceful energy and trust.
  • Mind and Heart: One of the things that really made think was when she told us that we all know that home is where is the heart is but when our hearts are full of negativity and toxicity there’s no room for us there so as a result we retreat to our minds. It’s important for our homes/hearts to feel nurturing and nourishing because that is how feel accepted and at home there.
  • Self-Validation: Vanzant stressed the importance of validating our own thoughts. We cannot let other people control, manipulate or distort our thoughts, and emotions. Self-talk is important as well we have to reframe all of the negativity such as, “I don’t understand why..” to “I commit to.”
  • Thought Patterns: During her time as a spiritual teacher and life coach, Vanzant picked up on 42 dominant negative thoughts patterns. People tend to have common thought patterns despite being in different situations. Another point she made was that, we don’t spend a lot of time thinking about feelings like inadequacy or insecurity. We may not know what we’re feeling but we can identify the thought “why does this always happen?” We shouldn’t just look for the emotion; we should examine the internal dialogue.
  • Spiritual Perception on Depression: “From a spiritual perspective depression is the feeling that God has abandoned you.” When she said that I was just like wow (lol). It was true. Anyone who is spiritual and has gone through bouts of depression can attest to that statement. Being in a depressive state will have you feeling as though all hope is lost. You’re worthless, unlovable and have no reason to continue on because the thought process is that if God loved you he would’ve never allowed this happen, which isn’t true. However, it is up to us to keep working. Work on reframing our self-talk, abandon negative thought patterns and get over our “its.”
  • Intentions: Setting intentions are powerful. Our intentions determine how we will progress and get over the things that has happened to us in life. Vanzant explained that our intentions are what expect. They are the “what.” She went on to say that in life we don’t get what we want we get what we expect. We have to create the thought for the intention because ultimately it will create a positive energy, which will eventually multiply.

Iyanla Vanzant touched on a lot of things that many of us can relate in regards to thought processes, inner dialogue, behavioral patterns. She did a stellar job with engaging with the audience. Her delivery and ability to relate to her audience is what makes her such a great speaker. Vanzant could paint a verbal picture so vividly. When she would recall one of her life experiences, I felt as there I was there in that exact moment she was describin. Iyanla’s delivery is what makes her message so clear and easy to connect to. I hope that some of the information I shared was useful to you all and will help you get in tune with your spirituality as well get over some of the things that her affecting you internally.

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