20 Female Rappers You Need to Be Checking For

I’m here to put you on to some female rappers that you should be listening to. It’s time for you to have some variety and maybe some new songs to add to a playlist or two.

Dreezy (Chicago, Illinois)


Dreezy is one of the few mainstream female rappers from her city. She’s been in the game for a couple years. In 2014, she was named the “Princess of Chicago Rap.” The rap princess’s gritty wordplay and lyricism is something that can’t be overlooked. She discusses her life experiences, relationships and even social issues in her tracks. She had people checking for her when she released a remix to G Herbo’s “Chiraq.” Since 2014, she released her debut EP, Call It What You Want (2015) followed by her debut album, No Hard Feelings which was released in 2016 and featured singles like “Body” and “We Gon Ride.” Between late last year and now, she has released hits like “Spar” which featured Kodak Black and 6lack. The three rapped about political issues such as, institutional racism. This year she released “2nd to None” featuring 2 Chainz.

Saweetie (Hayward, California)


The Bay Area native who is still pretty new to the game dropped her “Icy Grl” freestyle, which went viral back in 2017. She freestyled over the beat of Khia’s “My Neck, My Back.” It was inspired by the things she had going on in her life at the time. Her slick raps about living a lavish lifestyle, being ambitious, focused and never pressed is something that all girls can vibe and relate to . Back in March, she dropped her debut EP, High Maintenance.

Megan Thee Stallion (Houston, Texas)

Meg Thee Stallion

The alluring up and coming rapper from H Town got everyone’s attention when she released freestyle videos that went viral on Twitter. If you’ve ever thought about making a bad bitch playlist one of her songs should be on there. Megan Thee Stallion raps so confidently and effortlessly about herself, her come up and her city. Her confidence and sex appeal is contagious. It will have anyone listening to her songs feeling like they’re the shit. She is currently balancing her rap career and with her full time college education. Check out the video for her latest single.

City Girls (Miami, Florida)

Screen Shot 2018-04-21 at 3.30.55 PM

The rap duo compromises of Yung Miami and JT who met eight years ago. Last year, they came onto the hip hop scene as City Girls with their debut single, “Fuck Dat Nigga.” Their single is undeniably a banger. It even samples the second verse of rapper, Khia’s “My Neck, My Back.” They’re all about their money and they’re definitely not checking for no broke niggas. Their Miami accents paired with gritty raps about their sexual prowess, getting to the bag and finessing their way to the top over trap beats is enough to get you hype especially when you’re getting ready to go out for the night. Their debut single, was one of the tracks on Quality Control’s 30-track compilation, Control The Streets. They released a music video for “Fuck Dat Nigga” back in January. The music video gave you a glimpse of who they are and where they’re from. My favorite thing was seeing them at local corner stores, dressed in eye catching outfits paired with colorful wigs. They will be releasing their first mixtape, Period next month.

Kamaiyah (Oakland, California) 


Kamaiyah is one of Oakland’s hottest artists right now. Back in 2016, she had all of us like “Please tell me why you always hatin?” when she did the hook on YG’s “Why You Always Hatin’?” That same year she dropped her first mixtape, A Good Night in the Ghetto then performed at SXSW right after the release. Her style comprises of hyphy mixed with the 90’s hip hop definitely gives her a unique and distinct sound. She stays true to her Oakland roots in every track. Last year,  she was named as one of the ten rappers on XXL’s “2017 Freshman Class.” Also, back in November she released her second mixtape, Before I Wake.

Tokyo Jetz (Jackonsville, Florida)

Screen Shot 2018-04-21 at 3.36.20 PM

She is one of the female artists on Grand Hustle Records who joined in 2017. The Jackonsville native is considered the face of her city. Jetz initially began rapping in high school, which then transitioned into her recording rap freestyles that she posted on social media. Her videos attracted the attention of rapper, T.I. who ended up signing her to Grand Hustle. Her introspective raps mesh with her femininity and reflections on the harsh realities of life. She released her debut album, Viral last summer.


Omeretta (Atlanta, Georgia)


She is an artist that I’ve been hip to for about two years now since she has been releasing storytelling freestyle videos that she recorded in her room via twitter. Her effortless flow and storytelling skills are cathartic. She’s able to use her words and experiences to paint you mental picture of her life in the streets of Zone 3 Atlanta. Her freestyle videos on social media helped generate a pretty big following. Back in 2016, she released her debut mixtape, Black Magic: A Dose of Reality, which was streamed over 188K times within the first month of its release even without the support of a major co-sign, organized promotions or marketing.

Maliibu Miitch (Bronx, New York)


The Bronx artist that I came across last year did a remix of Lil Kim’s “Crush on You.”  Her remix of Kim’s “Crush On You” garnered her some popularity and shine. Her bars are reminiscent of Foxy Brown’s style as she raps over nostalgic hip hop 90’s classics. She views her rap name as different parts of her personality. Maliibu is her softer, fun, and bubbly side while Miitch is her gritty, South Bronx side.  She initially started out as a solo act with Ruff Ryders when she was 19. When she was 23 she was apart of duo, Maliibu N Helene. Despite the fact that her ventures didn’t work she was able to utilize the experiences and continue to keep pushing for success. Her new album, The Count is on the way.


Bbymutha (Chattanooga, Tennessee)


Bbymutha is an unfiltered rapper from Chattanooga, Tennessee. The mom of four juggles motherhood and her career. She initially started her career in 2013 when she did a song with LSDXOXO called “Black Widow.” Her unique delivery and colorful style is distinct in contrast to much of what we hear these days. In 2016, she released her EP, Glow Kit: Blk Girl. The following year she dropped Weave. This year she dropped EPs, Muthaz Day 2 and Bbyshoe. With her Southern-Midwest drawl, BbyMutha displays her transparency with raunchy, authentic raps about the different dynamics of her life that consists of thirsty men, being confident, money and celebrating her womanhood as well as motherhood.

Kash Doll (Detroit, Michigan)

kash doll

The Detroit native who initially started out as a stripper rose to fame via social media a few years ago after she’d post freestyle videos. She remixed Tinashe’s “2 on.” In 2016, she dropped her first EP, Kashin’ Out. She had people really checking for her when she released her song, “For Everybody” along with the visual where she raps about the different standpoints of the “wifey” and the “sidechick.” Kash Doll’s self-assured, slick rhymes along with wordplay has solidified her place in the female rap game. With every bar she shows us that she more than a pretty face. Kash Doll dropped her mixtape, Brat Mail last month.

Ms. Banks (London, United Kingdom)


Banks is one of the new rappers on the UK rap scene. She said that coming up female emcees like Lil Kim, Ms. Dynamite, and Foxy Brown were her inspirations. Her Fire in the Booth freestyle was what really introduced her to the hip hop world. Her London accent combined with energetic bars will definitely get you hype. Her upcoming mixtape, The Coldest Winter Ever is set to release at the end of April.

Tink (Chicago, Illinois)


Tink delivers hardcore with a delicate voice. She got her start in 2012 when she released her first mixtape, Winter’s Diary. Her mixtape was timely because we were all looking for a fix for our 90’s R&B nostalgia. The basis of her music was a coming of age type of thing as she recounts her own life experiences. Her content was relatable for many young women, which ultimately helped her fan base grow. Tink ventured into rap, which helped her gain widespread popularity after people heard freestyles over Clipse’s “Grindin”and Young Chop’s “3Hunna.” She released “Million” which grabbed the attention of Timbaland. She started to expand her sound by working with artists like Lil Durk and duo, Sleigh Bells. Fast forward to this year, she released her EP, Pain & Pleasure.

Leikeli47 (Brooklyn, NY)


With Leikeli47 less is more. She wears the mask in order to maintain anonymity and keep her fans focused on her music. The less you know about her, the more you focus on her music. The mask wearing rapper spits fun, unique and infectious rhymes over complementing beats. It’s exactly what you need to hear. Leikeli47’s sound attracted the attention of Jay-Z and had her music featured on HBO’s Insecure’s soundtrack. She released her self-titled project in 2015 then followed up with Wash & Set in 2017. She’s an enigmatic being so our only option is to wait and see what’s next.

Lady Leshurr (Kingshurst, United Kingdom)


Since Leshurr quit her job in 2009, she has released nine mixtapes and four EPs. Lady Leshurr’s music consists of genres such as, U.K. hip-hop, grime, garage with lyrics that juggle metaphors and flaunt her quick wit. Her upbeat, energetic, and bubbly bars blow you away every time. She received a lot of attention with her video for “Queen’s Speech 4” freestyle, which went viral. She went on and had the song licensed for use in a Samsung advertisement. Last year, she dropped her EP, Mode and last month did a freestyle called “Black Panther.”

Rapsody (Snow Hill, North Carolina)


ROC Nation’s own, Rapsody is on her own wave. The two time grammy nominee has been low-key working. Her rhymes are cohesive and enlightening with content that touches on her life as well as social and political issues like drug abuse, mass incarceration, gender dynamics and police brutality. Her sound is reminiscent of 90’s hip hop. Rapsody lives in her truth and blackness which she exudes in every track.

Kari Faux (Little Rock, Arkansas)

kari faux

Little Rock’s finest dropped her first mixtape, City Limits in 2012. It wasn’t until 2014, that she started getting more attention with her mixtape Laugh Now, Die Later. That same year, she released a video for her song, “No Small Talk,” a fun and catchy dance track inspired by one of her friends. The song went viral and Childish Gambino did a remix of the track. Faux eventually moved to Los Angeles. The disorientation she felt while living far from her loved ones on top of dealing with regular life and success was the embodiment of her debut album, Los En Los Angeles.

Nitty Scott (Grand Rapids, Michigan) 


The Afro-Latina rapper initially planned to go to attending art school as a creative writing major, but ended up in Brooklyn. In 2011, she released her debut album, The Cassette Chronicles then followed up with her EP, The Boombox Diaries Vol. 1 in 2012. Since being apart of the 2011 BET Hip Hop Awards Cypher, she has now worked with Kendrick Lamar, Action Bronson and more. She dropped her debut album, The Art of Chill in 2014.  Nitty also lends her voice to activism and women’s rights as well as showing love to her roots. She’s still working as she just dropped her single, “BBYGRL” back in February.

Vintage Lee (Boston, Massachusetts)


Vintage Lee hailing from Boston, well Roxbury to be specific. Lee self-describes her sound as “spicy and saucy” which is a very fitting description. I came across her Spotify freestyle for Women’s History Month last month. Her initial breakout hit was, “Right Now” and then she followed up with ‘Hennything’s Possible’ in 2016. Those two tracks created a buzz as one of the exciting with a sound and energy that reflects Boston’s hip hop scene. She floats over beats with effortless, egotistical bars. Lee’s most recent and biggest project PiMP dropped last year.

Chynna (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)


Ex-model and Philly native was in still in high school, when she reached out to the late visionary tastemaker, A$AP Yams. They eventually formed a friendship, which resulted in her having a close affiliation with A$AP Mob. You’ll learn a lot about who she is through her moody bars. Chynna’s earliest online hits were 2013’s “Selfie” and 2014’s “Glen Coco.” Through her music she expresses her unrestricted rawness. Her overall aesthetic is influenced by psychedelic rock and emo. In 2015, she dropped her EP, I’m Not Here. This Isn’t Happening.” In 2016, as she started to garner more attention through streams and views she dropped her mixtape, “Ninety.” She doesn’t shy away from discussing her battles with drug addiction and mental health. Chynna’s authenticity is what makes her so captivating as an artist. She provides her fans with an escape and salvation with every track.

Kiyanne (New York, New York) 


Kiyanne is new to the game, but has been rapping since she was 15 years old. She has an alter ego called Thotty D, who she considers to be the “vulgar” side of Kiyanne. I came across one of her videos on Tumblr a couple days ago. I was blown away. Her bars set the tone and paint a vivid picture.

Also, check out Spotify’s thread of freestyles for Women’s History Month. ↓


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