Keeping Your Feelings & Self-Worth Separate


I saw the post above on Tumblr a couple days ago and I felt it. It was exactly what I needed to read at the time. Throughout life I have faced rejections, which I’m sure many of you have experienced as well. It can really kill your spirit to be turned down by a job, somebody you’re interested in or anything along those lines.

In the moment we face adversities that crush our feelings, our first instinct is to start questioning ourselves and our worth, but why is that? Why is that someone else’s perception of you or their decision to hurt your feelings cause doubt within yourself? Projection will destroy you if you let it.

When I was teenager and even in some of my adulthood I would question my worth because of the way someone treated me and how it made me feel, which I realized was backwards as hell. It was a long journey, but in the end I learned that my feelings being hurt by an external factor should never correlate with my level of self worth at any point in time. I couldn’t allow someone to treat me any sort of way and affect how I feel about myself because I value my own perception of myself more than I value anyone else’s.

Our feelings and self-worth should always be parallel with the lines never crossing because we cannot control how someone makes us feel and we do not want that to spill over into our self worth.

When you know yourself there’s no question of your worth. Your feelings may be hurt temporarily, but you should never allow yourself to permanently succumb to what people project onto you.


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