New on Netflix: Retribution

I was on Netflix yesterday looking through the new releases for something interesting and refreshing to watch.

While browsing, I came across the UK mini-series called Retribution. It’s new to Netflix, but was originally released in 2016.

The mini-series follows two families, the Douglasses and the Elliots, who are brought together through marriage. Things get rocky when newlyweds, Grace and Adam are killed by a seemingly random burglar. Oddly enough, shortly after the murders the burglar who is identified as Lee Walsh makes his way to the home of the newlyweds’ parents who live on farms next to one another. On his way to their homes, he crashes and injures himself right on the farm. The families rush to his aid not knowing what he has done prior to the crash.

However, they change their minds about being good samaritans when one of them remembers seeing the man from the crash on the news as a possible suspect for murdering the newlyweds.

The two sides of the family are left with unanswered questions and filled with anger for the lost of their loved ones. The Douglases and the Elliots agree to hold the unconscious man captive in a barn until they can come up with a solution, but the next morning they realize they’ve run out of time when they see his lifeless body.  Now they must figure out which one of them killed him along with how to cover up his murder while the police are on the hunt for him.

The mini-series comprises of 4 episodes that are an hour long. It’s really interesting to see how the families have to battle with their own personal morals and ethics so that they can grieve and not be convicted of murder. They all have different views of what the “right” thing is, but there’s no turning back once the majority of them work together to cover up Walsh’s murder. The death of Adam and Grace causes friction, which in turn leads to the uncovering of secrets that were kept tucked away for so long.

It’s interesting that Netflix has picked up this show now that it’s almost two years old and only has one season. I wonder if that means they’re going to revive it 🤔

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