I Finally Tried Korean BBQ 🍗🍤

For the longest time I wanted to try Korean BBQ and I finally got around to doing so last weekend. It was good experience, but it wasn’t necessarily what I expected.

In the general Baltimore area there are two Korean BBQs. I decided to try the one with all you can eat first which is Iron Age. Iron Age charges about $20 per person and you can choose 3 meats from the list at a time.

The list of meats to choose from has a decent variety. They don’t have regular chicken for whatever reason, but my host told me that the closest thing is soy chicken which was pretty good. They have pork steak, bulgogi, squid and more. I chose steak, shrimp, spicy chicken, pork steak, and curry chicken. The only sides they offer is noodles and white rice.

The part that I didn’t expect was that cooking the food would be such a task. It’s so different when you have to cook in the middle of the table. The annoying part was that the grate would collect all the sauces from the meats and it wouldn’t cook properly so I had to request a new one.

I tried one of the Korean liquors that they offer called “Soju.” Soju is a clear, colorless distilled beverage with a varying alcohol content that goes from about 16% to 53% alcohol by volume. It was pretty good and I got it with pineapple flavoring. I could tell that it had one of the higher alcohol contents (lol). They only serve it by the pitcher so you can’t just order one drink.

The atmosphere is pretty fun and exciting. They have a bar. They also have a cool playlist of K-Pop songs that they play on big screens. I was put onto songs like Whistle by BLACKPINK and Your Night by Sik-k. Also, they are really enthusiastic about birthdays. They sing and bring a bottle with sparklers. The whole setup is nice is different from the restaurants I’ve gone to.

If you’re near any of the Iron Age locations, I suggest you get your friends and family to try it out with you. You’ll have fun!


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