Series Review: La Casa de Papel

La casa de papel is a Spanish series that aired for one season in two parts last year. The series originally aired on Antena 3 and late last year it was added to Netflix’s catalog.

La casa de papel is about a group of criminals who are recruited by a man who calls himself The Professor. The Professor basically makes them stay at an estate and keeps them in seclusion so that he can educate and train them on how to properly execute the ultimate heist. He also tells them they cannot have personal relationships with one another nor can they know each other’s name. They must name themselves after cities and be cordial. Over the course of some months, the professor prepares them to take over the Royal Mint of Spain and occupy it with hostages so that they have enough time to print a couple billion euros.

The series consists of betrayal, affairs, death, babies and schoolkids, but mainly money. The group whole’s objective was to get freshly printed money that isn’t traceable and stick to the plan, but what the group didn’t take into account was all of the other factors that would hinder the heist.

I really enjoyed this series. It kept me on edge a lot because you never knew what the next according to The Professor’s plans, the police’s or the gang’s. He had a backup plan for pretty much anything that could possibly happen. He was meticulous and strategic. He pretty much thought ahead of the police for awhile and even manipulated the inspector into dating him unsuspectingly so that he had an inside scoop on everything that was going on. The gang’s determination to see this heist through was only fueled by their own agendas for their cut of the money because that was the only motivating force for many of them. The hostages who consisted of employees, the general public and schoolkids initially seemed to be afraid and just waited for their fate. However, the hostages used their wits and worked together to fight for their lives which was interesting because the typical heist movie or show would never have given hostages that much courage.

I highly recommend that you guys check it out. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever watched especially if you’re used to watching typical American TV and films.

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