I’m Back & I’m Better

I decided to take a new approach with my blog for the new year. I’m re-branding and reinvesting in my blog and most importantly myself. I decided to venture out a bit last year. I tried it out with a podcast and I even wrote for a magazine. I wanted to get the experience with collaborating and stepping out of my comfort zone creatively. In the end, I realized that I wasn’t able to freely express my creativity and convey my vision the way I wanted to, but I did learn from those experiences.

I changed my blog name to something more fitting. It was a name that was initially used when I started using social media. I took a self made approach with my blog and decided to do everything on my own. I bought my own domain and even designed my own logo.

My goal is to transform my blog into a lifestyle blog. I will be discussing various topics from movies to budgeting. I will be vlogging occasionally as well.

My main focus is to share my vision and thoughts with others. I feel like I have some worthwhile experiences and knowledge to share with people. I know and feel that I can make my blog an informative, intriguing and fun read for viewers. I always have thoughts and ideas that I feel would be properly shared on here.

I can’t wait to share new things with you all!

Here’s to re-branding and reinvesting 2018 and beyond!

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