Black Mirror Series 4 Review

Episode 1: USS Callister

Robert is a CTO of a tech-entertainment company and he is also an outcast at his job, but at night he takes on a different persona. Robert has created a virtual reality based on his favorite tv show where he is the commander of a ship that is operated by his peers from work.

This particular episode was pretty weird to me and kind of confusing because the main character, Robert was able to utilize the DNA of his coworkers so that they can be placed into his virtual reality game. The odd part to me was that despite the fact that it was a virtual reality game, they were conscious of the fact that they were in his weird world and could rebel which seemed to be pretty stupid on his end.

Episode 2: Arkangel

This particular episode is basically about an overbearing mom who becomes obsessive over an app that is connected to a microchip she had implanted into her daughter. The app acts as a peephole into her daughter’s life from her childhood to teenage years, but eventually proves to be detrimental as her daughter gets older.

The ending of this episode was pretty dramatic, but it just gave a futuristic perspective on what an overbearing parent would be like.

Episode 3: Crocodile

Mia and her ex-boyfriend work together to cover up an accidental murder. The couple eventually part ways and years go by. Mia tries to contain the dark secrets, but that proves to be difficult when Shazia needs to harvest Mia’s memories for an insurance claim for a car accident she witnessed from her hotel room.

This episode was actually decent. Mia’s character really developed from a remorseful, young woman to a cut throat businesswoman who would literally kill anything that gets in her way.

Episode 4: Hang the DJ

Frank and Amy seemingly meet by chance through a dating app. The tinder-like app that is way more manipulative picks where they meet, what they eat and how long they get to be together. The pair clicked, but was only given a short amount of time to be together. When they were paired again they began to question the app’s algorithm.

This episode was somewhat interesting, but it didn’t WOW me.

Episode 5: Metalhead

This episode was about a group of people who are being hunted by these metal dog things.

This was the worst episode. I was just like ???

Episode 6: Black Museum

A young girl who stops in the middle of nowhere to charge up her car comes across a museum. The museum shows criminal artifacts and failed inventions/projects. The proprietor of the museum tells the girl stories of the exhibits and artifacts in there, but he doesn’t know that she has a story of her own for one of his exhibits.

This episode was bizarre and lackluster to me.

This season was highly anticipated, but also very disappointing for many who expressed their thoughts via social media. This particular series wasn’t as mind bending as the previous ones. It was interesting, but seemed to be lacking something. Most of the show’s content is about technology and how it can be detrimental to our lives. In the beginning, the episodes always left me mystified in the end wishing to see more or what the final result could have been. It’s unfortunate that many people weren’t pleased with this series because I feel like a lot of newcomers gave the show a shot and it kind of bombed. Some of the episodes may have some deeper meanings and hidden messages that might make it more interesting after the fact. Who knows what’s next for the Black Mirror series…

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