TV Series Review: Dark

Dark (2017) is a German Science fiction series that premiered on Netflix last month.

The show is seemingly similar to Stranger Things, but there is no comparison when it comes to the complexities and depth that Dark possesses.

The intricate series follows the lives of the people who grew up together in Winden and how the town is affected after children go between within three time periods. The series bounces between the years 2019, 1986, and 1953. Paying attention is very important when watching this show because there are a lot of key moments that occur, which will link to what transpires in the future/current time. However, there are some questions that are left unanswered.. for now. Dark also gives you a physics lesson on spacetime, black holes, wormholes and other very interesting, nerdy things.

The people in Winden have mostly grown up together, but have no idea have much their lives intertwine beyond being neighbors or classmates. The town possesses a lot of secrets that are kept at a cost. Young Jonas who has recently suffered a loss has now returned to Winden after being away for awhile. What he doesn’t know is now that he has returned he will be forced to deal with the reality and complexities that is now his life.

This show really grabbed my attention from the very start. I haven’t watched any German films or TV series before so I was already interested in seeing how this series would be depicted. I really liked how Dark bounced between time periods it was like you were time traveling with the characters to see key moments from the past and how they shape the future. It was also interesting to see how characters from the future were changing the past and even getting stuck in that particular year. I definitely got confused at times and found myself replaying certain scenes.

Here’s a link to a guide created so that you can follow the characters throughout the time periods as the scenes go back and forth from the younger and older version of themselves. All in all the series was pretty good and I’m excited to see what season 2 of Dark will be

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