Street Drama, Top Boy is Making a Comeback

DOHX5FtWAAAtPtDMy intent was to write about the series weeks ago and I forgot, but earlier this week on Instagram Drake announced that the series is coming soon on Netflix, which was great news to me and many of the other fans of the series.

There was a lot of speculation over the years about what was going to Drake’s involvement with the series. Back in 2016, he posted on Instagram that Top Boy would rise again. In 2014, he shared that he was a fan of the series and made a references in his Instagram comments.


Top Boy is a gritty series set in the fictional Summerhouse Estate in East London. The series depicts the lives of drug dealers, Dushane and Sully along with the youth who are either recruited by them or affected by their drug dealing.


Netflix UK tweeted a thread from their account giving a timeline of how series 3 of Top Boy came to be. They also confirmed that it will stream on Netflix in 2019. Drake will be working with Netflix, the creative team along with actors, Ashley Walters and Kane Robinson to make the show come back to life.

I love that this series is coming because all of the good British series die off too early, but see a series like this make a comeback especially with it having black actors at the forefront. I think it is important to have many tv shows and movies that depict that different ways black people live their lives in different parts of the world.


The series originally aired on British broadcaster, Channel 4 for two series. In 2019, the series will air on Netflix with Drake, Adel Nur, Jamal Henderson and Maverick Carter will all be on board as the executive producers.

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