Movie Review: The Incredible Jessica James


I’m really starting to appreciate Netflix’s original series and movies more. One of my most recent favorites is The Incredible Jessica James (2017). The film stars Jessica Williams, Lakeith Stanfield and Chris O’Dowd.

The film is about Jessica, a young black woman who is the embodiment of eccentric and colorful. Jessica is a struggling playwright living in NYC . She’s going through a recent breakup and trying to navigate through life. While dating she finds an unlikely love interest who has her smitten and rethinking some of the things in her life.

I feel like this particular film is something that was much needed because it focused on the life of an artistic, black woman rather than the typical movie about the quirky white girl next door. Another thing that I like about the movie is that it was realistic. Jessica didn’t have a ton of friends, she was awkward and funny instead of being portrayed as a hyper sexualized woman who couldn’t get her life together. It also focused on the struggle of getting over an ex and eventually making amends which I like because people shouldn’t have to feel so toxic and torn after a breakup.

Despite the good things, I did not like that Jessica’s love interest which was a white collar white man who just came into her life via a blind date that her friend sent her on. He miraculously swept her off her feet like she was damsel in distress and he was her knight in shining armor. In the movie industry, it’s so cliche to have a black woman play a conflicted character who is trying to figure it all out with the help of her white friend who makes snarky comments or she has a white love interest who is coming into her life as a savior to give her clarity and solutions to all her problems.

The movie was really dope despite the white savior aspect. Jessica James was living her best life not knowing what was next for her or what was the right way to cope after a break up. I was happy to see a black girl be at the forefront of a film all about her and her life.

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