Breakfast in Baltimore 

So today I went Miss Shirley’s (the inner harbor location). My service was great and my server Lauren was so nice☺️. The food was great I got the Benne Seed Chicken ‘N Waffles. So if you’re ever in downtown Baltimore stop by for breakfast or brunch

By: S. Easley


Speaking Things Into Existence

I just wanted to make a post about the power of speaking things into existence. Positive thinking, planning and patience are important when it comes to making the thing you desire come to fruition. In life you want to experience things, learning things, move forward and even overcome some things.

So I suggest sitting down writing some things out and claiming them for your own. Mention some things to your friends like “Once I get my masters I plan to move up in my current job and get this much needed promotion.” or “I deserve a change of scenery so I’m gonna pack up and visit Morocco.” Talk your things to existences make them real.

It’s all about turning your desires into goals that can happen and not letting them just be far fetched chit chat.

I hope you guys consider this and decide to speak things into existence so that there will be a positive change in your life 🙂

   By: S. Easley


Sunday is the most relaxing day of the week.. well at least it should be. I think that Sundays are great for just relaxing, getting organized and prepared for the week ahead. So if you're off work and just have the day to yourself you should take advantage of that.
Most times during the week we have very limited time to do the things we need or want to do like cleaning, watching movies, catching up on our favorite shows, readings, cooking breakfast or even sleeping in. Also, I think it's important for us to get some things squared away such as, catching up on sleep because we want to get rid of last week's clutter and stress in order to have a pretty clear mind for the week ahead. It's also important to have things squared away because each thing you get done is one less thing to worry about later because it's already taken care of.
Relaxing is really important if work or school usually has you stressed out. You want to make sure you're doing things to help you wind down even throughout the week because stress can have some pretty bad effects over a long period of time. So by all means do stuff go for a walk, sleep, eat, watch tv, catch up with friends, read a book or get organized for the week. Do stuff that makes you happy.

just something to consider

For the Foodies😋

Bop Brick Oven Pizza which is in Fells Point (800 S Broadway, Baltimore, MD 21231) their pizza is really good and they have a wide range of pizza toppings so you can get creative and try something new. the setup is kind of like your average local pizza shop with an arcade game in the corner. they’re positioned in a way so that you have a good view of Fells Point and whatever event/activity is happening.

Matsuri which is in Federal Hill (1105 S Charles St, Baltimore, MD 21230) you can come here to enjoy authentic Japanese food and happy hour. they also have outdoor seating so that you can enjoy your surroundings while enjoying your food.


Shake Shack which is located at the Inner Harbor (400 E Pratt St, Baltimore, MD 21202) has really good burger and fries you can come here and grab a beer or a glass of wine with your food. this is a great place to grab a quick bite to eat while you’re hanging out in downtown Baltimore.

Kobe’s Japanese Steakhouse is located in the White Marsh area (8165 Honeygo Blvd, White Marsh, MD 21236) it’s a bit of a stretch from the downtown area (but it’s worth the trip). You can enjoy the cooking show as your food is made right in front of you and you see the cook performing tricks.

By: S. Easley

Just Some Tips😊


So we’re pretty much knee deep into the fall semester and it’s important to stay focused, organized and motivated. Those 3 key things are what are needed to have successful semesters.


It’s important to stay focused though some class lectures can be a little dry you want to make sure you are retaining info because isn’t that the whole point of being there? lol right so in some cases teachers may have powerpoints that they’ll post later  after the class I suggest still taking notes anyway that way you can follow along throughout class and know what’s being talked about and maybe even get some examples that could possibly be on an upcoming exam. Also, what may help in some classes is bringing the textbook. Lugging the textbook around campus can be a pain, but it can contribute to your understanding of a particular chapter or concept. However, you should be doing the reading assignments because that plays a big part in your success in a course.


Organization is soooo important. You have to figure out what works best for you whether it’s a notebook or a binder or whichever other ways there are to store notes, old exams and assignments. You want to make sure all of your notes and assignments are neat and organized preferably by date. When you take notes be sure to put the chapter on it so that when you have the date and chapter it’ll be super easy to look back at notes for exams and such because you’ll have the dates and chapters to reference. Another very essential part of being organized is to get a planner. GET ONE! It’s not too late. With a planner you’ll be able to keep track of what’s due when and what test is coming up. You can even better your time management by adding other stuff so that you can have a clear map out of how your week or month is going to be. I know I know we have our smartphones for that, but I think it’s better and more clear to have it written out right in front of you.


Staying motivated is so important right now more than ever. We’re not even at midterms yet, but it’s important to keep your head above the water. Take a break or two don’t let your assignments fall behind and don’t let them drain you either. It’s counterproductive for you to be unmotivated and drained. Keep in mind what all of this hard work and dedication is for. If you feel like you’re not quite sure what you’re doing all of this for jot down some goals. What do you want to get out of the college experience? What do you want out of life? Where do you want to be in life in 5 years?

I just thought I would write something for the students because I know from experience it can be a very tiring and difficult time, but I know if you stay focused, organized and motivated you’ll always come out on top. I hope this helps.

-S. Easley💖

Student Discounts

Being a student is pretty stressful but there are some perks.. Student discounts! Who doesn’t love to get discounts on food or any necessities? Here’s a list of places that offer discounts

Food Places

  • BURGER KING: 10% off
  • CHICK-FIL-A: free small drink with order
  • CHIPOTLE: free small drink with order
FIREHOUSE SUBS: their discounts may require a partnership with the school so please ask about the discount to see if stores not near campus still offer the discount with your ID
  • PIZZA HUT: 10-20% off (depending on store)
  • SUBWAY: 10% off (again at specific locations so please ask about it at your local store)
  • WAFFLE HOUSE: 10% off

Clothing stores and online shopping 

  • AMAZON: 6-month free trial on Amazon Prime
  • ANN TAYLOR: 20% off
  • BANANA REPUBLIC: 15% off full-priced items
  • CHARLOTTE RUSSE: 10% off
  • GOODWILL: 10% off
J-CREW: 15% off in-store
JOANNS: 10% discount (Please know for people 14 and older, they offer discounts if you bring in your report card as well! They also require you to sign up online. Link in the name.)
  • KATE SPADE: 15% off
THE LIMITED: 15% off in-store
  • RALPH LAUREN: 15% off
SALLY’S BEAUTY SUPPLY: sign up online for coupons
  • STEVE MADDEN: 10% off
TARGET: varies, mainly online
  • TOM’S: 10% cash back
  • TOPSHOP: 10% off
  • URBAN OUTFITTERS: 10% off on Student Days. (You can sign up online for alerts when these are. Link in name)

Electronics and tech.. 

  • ADOBE: 60% on Creative Cloud
  • APPLE: various savings (You must input your school and other information. Link in name)
  • BEST BUY: sign up for student discounts and coupons
  • DELL: discounts on laptops and tablets
  • FUJITSU: 5% on LIFEBOOK notebook and PCs. (You must call 1-800-FUJITSU for the deal)
  • HP: various discounts through website
MICROSOFT: various discounts. (Check through your school as well to see if they have partnerships with Microsoft)
  • NORTON: various discounts through website
  • SONY: up to 10% off (You must register to get the discount. Link in name)
  • SPRINT: various discounts (Check with your provider. Link in name)
  • T-MOBILE: 10% off monthly bill (Check with your provider. Link in name)
  • VERIZON: up to 20% off monthly bill (Link in name is to the EMPLOYEE DISCOUNTS page. Input your school email to see if you qualify.)

Entertainment (Books, Movies, Traveling,& etc.)

  • AMC THEATRES: discounted tickets on Thursdays (Check local listings)
  • AMTRAK:sign up for a Student Advantage Card and get 10% off tickets (Link for signing up in name)
  • BARNES AND NOBLE’S:various discounts through website (Link in name. If you don’t click SHOP through the above link the discount won’t go through!)
  • CARNEGIE HALL: $10 student rush tickets on select performances
  • CINEMARK THEATRES: discounted tickets on student days (Check local listings, Link in name)
  • NEW YORK TIMES: discounted print and unlimited online (Requires signing up. Link in name)
  • WALL STREET JOURNAL: $1 a week (Requires signing up. Link in name)


By: S. Easley

Made in America Festival 

My Labor Day weekend was spent in Philly at the Made in America festival. I must say it was an amazing experience if you think you love a song just from listening on the radio or whatever you’ll love it even more when you hear it live. It’s almost like hearing all your favorite songs for the first time that kind of feeling.

The first day of the festival which was Saturday (sept. 5) there tons of people. The performances I enjoyed the most that day was Beyonce. I was always kinda a fan but now I’m a 100% in love with her she’s an amazing performer.

The 2nd & last day of the festival was Sunday. There lots of performances. Lolawolf, Post Malone, Future, Big Sean, J. Cole & The Weeknd. The performances were all really good.

I really loved the concept of this concert and the setup. It’s really a good experience you hear new songs, old songs, meet new people, & enjoy the city. I have a few pics & videos I’ll add below