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By: S. Easley

So Netflix has this new show called Sense8 it’s like a sci-fi drama that’s pretty much my favorite show. The show focuses on 8 people who share the same birthday which is August 8th. They all become linked mentally and must help each other stay protected. Though they don’t really understand their powers they conveniently come to each other’s aid when needed most. My favorite thing about the show is they characters from like every corner of the world…

  • Capheus lives in Nairobi, Kenya
  • Wolfgang in Germany
  • Riley in London although she’s from Iceland
  • Kala lives in Mumbai, India
  • Sun is in Seoul, South Korea
  • Lito lives Mexico City
  • There’s Will in Chicago
  • Nomi in San Francisco, CA

This is probably the first show I’ve watched and liked every character lol

#SayHerName: 9 Signs The #SandraBland Case Could Be A Massive Cover-Up



9 Signs The #SandraBland Case Could Be A Massive Cover-Up

If you’re a non-racist, discerning citizen, then you can probably assume that Sandra Bland was actually murdered and didn’t commit suicide as the Waller County police department insists. This isn’t just a conspiracy theory or people being paranoid. There’s real evidence that something is amiss. For example…


The trash bag – The story of her hanging herself with the trash bag just doesn’t make sense.

bland mugshot

bland mugshot 2

The ‘Mugshot’ – There’s speculation that this mugshot has been taken after she died. And the evidence is pretty damning.


The “Faulty Autopsy” – The district attorney is asking for a “redo” on Bland’s autopsy do to an initial “faulty” one. What?


The Video “Glitch” – The dashcam video of Bland being arrested had multiple hiccups and edits. Cars disappear and video is looped, but this is part of a “glitch” and the video wasn’t…

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XXL Magazine’s Freshman Class Of 2015 Show In L.A. At Club Nokia Hosted By DJ Skee


Kidd Kidd, OG Maco, and K Camp freshman 2015live

XXL Freshmen 15 Concert

Members of XXL Magazine’s famously touted Freshman Class of 2015 put on an unforgettable show in L.A. Monday night at Club Nokia hosted by DJ Skee.

Fetty Wap, Shy Glizzy, OG Maco, K Camp and Kidd Kidd performed their hit singles to a sold out crowd and were joined on stage by surprise guest and Hip-Hop superstar 50 CentTrinidad JamesMasika KalyshaYesi Ortiz, and Curren$y joined the Freshman backstage as they celebrated yet another successful XXL Freshman LIVE show.

K Camp, Vanessa Satten, and Fetty Wap freshman 2015 live


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